With winter in full swing and the majority of tractors, combines, and other pieces of agriculture equipment in storage, maintenance of these machines and equipment comes to the forefront of most agendas. In addition to creating maintenance checklists and performing routine checkups, it’s very helpful to have the right tools and materials in place to make sure machines are fully prepared for another year on the farm.

In this post, we’ve compiled a video gallery of John Deere maintenance products that offer various quick-fix solutions to issues that may arise during the maintenance process. From chain and cable lubricants, to surface and color restoration, these products will assist in the process of getting machines mechanically and aesthetically prepared for the next season; enjoy!

John Deere: Heavy-Duty Wipes Video

John Deere’s dual textured, heavy-duty wipes contain skin conditioners and easily remove grease, oil, wet paint, adhesives and sealants.

 John Deere: Chain and Cable Lubricant Video

John Deere’s Chain and Cable Lubricant adheres and penetrates better than alternatives. It forms a protective film to prevent rust and corrosion, and displaces moisture.

John Deere: Ultra-Guard Trim Restore Video

By simply wiping on and off John Deere’s Ultra-Guard Trim Restore, customers can restore color to vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. This product doesn’t leave an oily film, and UV protections ensure resistance to weathering and fading.

John Deere: Belt Dressing Video

John Deere Belt Dressing conditions rubber in belts so they last longer, perform better, and deliver more power. It excels in tough conditions; healing and preventing belt slippage, dry and air rot, and squealing.

John Deere: Hand Cleaners Video

The John Deere Hand Cleaner works like a glove to keep hands clean. It is made with high quality cosmetic ingredients and comes in both liquid and gel form.

John Deere: Classic Glass Cleaner Video

John Deere’s Classic Glass Cleaner is extremely effective. It contains a no-streak formula, creates a dirt resistant barrier, and can clean multiple surfaces such as tile and enamel.

John Deere: Ultra Surface Polish Video

John Deere’s Ultra Surface Polish offers several benefits to equipment. This polish brings shine back to painted and metal surfaces. It’s safe and effective on the majority of common metal surfaces.

John Deere: Grease Line Video 

John Deere Grease prevents downtime and extends the life of equipment even under poor conditions. The line is engineered specific to conditions.

John Deere: Fuel Protect Video

John Deere Fuel Protect conditioner helps make problematic fuel a non-issue. Contaminants from transport can cause downtime and this product defends systems for overall better performance.

John Deere: Filters Video

John Deere sees filters as the first line of defense against downtime. John Deere Filters provide superior protection and capture harmful contaminants like water and dust.

John Deere: Rope Lock Tiedowns Video

John Deere Rope Lock Tiedowns are the easiest way to secure any load. They are available in two different sizes (depending on the weight of the load) with an 8 ft rope and coated hooks that will not rust.

With the tillage and planting season around the corner, these John Deere maintenance products will assist and speed up the repairing and restoration processes. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or check out more videos on our YouTube channel

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