One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially when that trash is turned into something of higher quality. By upcycling with John Deere equipment, NOVUS Wood Group in Texas has been able to increase productivity throughout their multi-step process.

Watch the video below to learn more about the strategy behind upcycling raw material and the type of John Deere equipment that is used for each individual step.

Upcycling | NOVUS Wood Group

Chris Casey, Houston Facility Operations Manager at NOVUS, starts off by explaining that materials that are brought in from landscapers and tree trimmers are processed and turned into various products, including landscape mulch. Although the utilization of grinders is an extremely important step in this process, upcycling with John Deere equipment ensures that each step is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

624K & 624K II Wheel Loaders

At NOVUS, John Deere 624K and 624K II Wheel Loaders are the main pieces of equipment used when upcycling raw material. These machines are used to load material that is brought in by customers, prepare it to be processed, and move it to and from the grinders. Special rollout buckets also allow this equipment to load higher top trailers from the ground in order to better serve customers and ensure the finished product can be delivered as quickly as possible.

Key features of this equipment include:


  • FT4/Stage IV diesel engine
  • Quad-Cool™
  • Cylinders acting as shock absorbers
  • Convenient access for maintenance
  • Various control options

624K II

  • FT4/Stage IV diesel engine
  • Adjustable automotive-style louvers for maximum cab comfort
  • 5-speed transmission, adaptive clutch cutoff, axles with brake retractors
  • Convenient access for maintenance

210G LC Excavator

John Deere 201G LC Excavators are used in this process for collecting larger material, such as brush, and moving to a grinder that will break it down into smaller, more usable pieces. Although this piece of equipment is largely supported by the 624K and 624K II wheel loaders, it is still extremely vital to this process, nonetheless.

Key features of this equipment include:

  • EPA FT4/EU Stage IV engine
  • Smooth control with less movement and effort
  • Choice of three productivity modes
  • Designed for optimal visibility
  • Quick and easy maintenance controls

We hope you enjoyed learning about the process of upcycling with John Deere equipment. If you have any questions about these machines, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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