If you’re on the hunt for a machine that can tackle a wide range of heavy duty jobs around your property, the John Deere 8245R could be exactly what you need. This tractor, which is a part of the 8R Series, has a FT4 engine and a quieter cab for more comfort during the workday.

Let’s take a look at some of the other highlights of the John Deere 8245R.

Heavy-Duty Engine

The PowerTech™ PSS 9-liter Final Tier 4 engine is designed to provide operators with the efficiency and performance they desire on the job. Best of all, the engine is designed to work within existing emissions regulations. This means that operators can have peace of mind, knowing they are effectively working within environmental guidelines.

Maximum Load Tires

The tires on the John Deere 8245R are designed to handle large loads while providing maximum traction. Increased Flexion and Very High Flexion tires provide users with a larger footprint for more carrying capacity at reduced pressures.

Versatile Hitches

The 8245R works with a 3-point hitch for the easy attachment of other tractor accessories. A ball-type drawbar kit can also be used with the 8245R.

Optimal Steering and Brakes

The steering on the 8245R has Independent-Link Suspension (ILS™). It uses a pressure and flow-compensating pump to provide optimal creeping ground speed during operation. There is also an externally-mounted steering valve for less noise within the cab. Factory-installed dual-line air and hydraulic trailer brakes are also optional for 8245R owners who want more control.


The 8245R has a number of hydraulic features. Its front selective control valves (SCVs) and front hitch are hydraulic, as well as its rear electrohydraulic selective control valves. All 8R and 8RT Series tractors have four, five, or six rear electrohydraulic SCVs. The sump coupler kit available for the 8245R allows oil to return from the hydraulics motor at low pressures as well.

Ag Management Solutions

There is a wide variety of ag management solutions available for the 8245R. The Generation 4 CommandCenter™ gives operators everything from on-screen help to guidance lines. Additionally, the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display can be used to provide operators with control over their machines out in the field.

Smooth-Shifting Transmission

The e23 transmission of the 8245R is designed to provide smooth shifting during machine operation. It features evenly spaced gears – 23 forward and 11 reverse gears. Operators will be able to drive the tractor up to approximately 26 miles per hour.

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