The John Deere 612C Corn Head was designed with everything from productivity to stalk control in mind. For this reason, corn producers have taken a liking to this equipment, which can increase efficiency every day on the job.

John Deere 612C

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the John Deere 612C and why it has a good chance to become one of your favorite pieces of John Deere equipment.

Stalk Roll Options

Those who enjoy a wide variety of options will appreciate the John Deere 612C, which can be used with opposed knife stalk rolls for improved stalk processing. In total, there are three stalk roll options that can be used with the John Deere 612C.

Adjustable Deck Plates

The deck plates on the John Deere 612C are hydraulically adjustable, meaning operators can adjust their plates on the go. This allows them to match changes in stalk or cob size, depending on the job at hand.


The StalkMaster Corn Head comes with the John Deere 612C. It is a chopping system that provides uniform sizing of corn stalks. Each StalkMaster row-unit gear case is equipped with two heat-treated rotating blades, which are coated for maximum wear and durability.

AutoTrac™ RowSense™

With AutoTrac RowSense on the John Deere 612C, harvesting efficiency is dramatically boosted in low visibility conditions. It can also increase the acre-per-hour performance potential for operators while reducing grain loss.

Row Unit Features

Some of the row unit features on the John Deere 612C include gathering chains for increased productivity, a single-point latching system, and a header height-sensing system. There are also Perma-Glide™ points and deck covers, making it quick and easy for operators to access the row unit.

Cross Auger

The John Deere 612C features an 18-inch tip diameter cross auger for maximum crop-handling capacity. The design of the auger also allows for better crop material flow, which can ultimately reduce harvesting times. The cross auger itself runs at a speed of 135 rpm with a combine backshaft speed of 700 rpm.

Lower Auger Bed

With a lower auger bed, the John Deere 612C allows the crop to follow the slope of the bed itself to quickly move it away from the row unit. In turn, there is a reduction in free grain loss. The geometry of the auger bed itself can also reduce the chance of damage to the ear as a result of backfeeding near the row unit.

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