When doing work on the yard, the end goal is clear: a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing lawn. However, many homeowners are faced with the bagging vs. mulching conundrum when it comes to determining what to do with the clippings that have been cut by the mower.


At the simplest level, bagging is the process of collecting clippings within a bagging system and then disposing them in an appropriate location (compost bin, container, etc.). On the other hand, mulching is the term used to define the process of cutting grass and leaving the clippings behind in the yard, where they will decompose as time passes.

Let’s take a deeper look into bagging and mulching and analyze the benefits of both options.

Benefits of Bagging

Collecting clippings within a bagging system serves the lawn well from both a health and appearance perspective. If you are yearning to keep a clean and consistent look during the busiest time of the cutting season, bagging is probably your best choice.

Additionally, bagging is especially useful when you are rehabbing your yard as it will remove any diseased clippings or weed seeds from the property along with their chances of spreading.

When entering the height of the fall season, as we all know, leaves begin to cover the green grass. A bagging system will help collect these leaves and leave your yard clear.

Lastly, by placing clippings into a compost area, you will have a large source of compostable material for projects that require it.

Benefits of Mulching

While it may not seem true at first glance, mulching the lawn can also be beneficial to the appearance and health of your lawn. By leaving the clippings behind on the lawn, the grass will receive critical nutrients. As a result, the need to water the lawn is lessened along with the need to fertilize frequently.

All the while, that time that would otherwise be spent emptying the bagging system of clippings can be spent taking on other lawn maintenance projects that require attention.


If you can’t make up your mind before hopping on your John Deere mower, that’s okay too. Thanks to John Deere’s MulchControl option, operators can turn mulching on and off with the flip of a lever from the operator’s station.

We hope this post helps you better understand the difference between bagging and mulching as well as the benefits of each option.

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