Whether you’re seeking performance and efficiency, productivity and functionality or a heavy-duty, large-capacity mower, there is a John Deere ZTrak™ that can help.

John Deere ZTrak

While it can be argued that there is no other mower like it on the market, the ZTrak still requires regularly scheduled maintenance for the best results.

For this reason, we put together a video gallery providing 5 key maintenance tips to get the greatest performance out of your mower. Enjoy! 

How To Change Air Filter

Air filters get dirty slowly. If you ignore your air filter, you may experience decreased engine performance and permanent damage. This video will show you the basic steps of changing the air filter in your John Deere ZTrak.

How To Level a Z500E Mower Deck

ZTrak Mowers are designed to mow efficiently and deliver a smooth, level cut. For best results, the mower deck must be level side-to-side and front-to-rear. This video shows how to level a mower deck for a well-manicured lawn that will have all your neighbors left with lawn envy.

How To Change Spark Plugs

A dirty or faulty spark plug could make your mower hard to start, cause the engine to run unevenly or cause misfiring under load. All of this trouble is simple to avoid because a spark plug is easy to change. Here are step-by-step instructions explaining the process of changing a spark plug in a John Deere ZTrak.

How To Change Fuel Filter

Every engine needs fresh fuel! The fuel filter catches dirt before it can cause any engine problems. A dirty fuel filter can cause your mower to lose power. This is why we are showing you how to change your ZTrak Mower fuel filter.

How To Change Oil & Oil Filter

To help your John Deere ZTrak last a long time – it’s important to perform regular scheduled maintenance like changing the oil and oil filter. Watch this video to learn more about the process and get detailed instructions to change your oil and oil filter.

We hope you enjoyed this video gallery and found the maintenance tips helpful. Here’s to a long mower life!

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