The John Deere 348 Square Baler has a pickup width of 74 inches, a plungerhead that offers 93 strokes per minute and a durable bale case with adjustable side doors, making it a popular choice for producers looking to yield a high volume of hay.


However, with the right attachments and accessories for the job, this baler can offer even more. Let’s take a closer look at a number of John Deere 348 Baler parts that can be added to various areas of the equipment.

Density Control

Hydraulic Bale Tension: By adding this attachment to the 348 Baler, you will be able to easily adjust the density of the bale to match varying crops. It applies consistent pressure on each bale and is very easy to use as it’s controlled by a single knob.

Side Hay Resistors: Sometimes when baling, you might be dealing with dry material like straw. As a result, it’s tough to achieve a dense bale. By adding one or two sets of side hay resistors to your 348 Baler, you will be able to increase density when dealing with straw.

Frame and Chassis

Hydraulic Tongue Positioning Cylinder: This 3-in. x 8-in. cylinder with hoses makes it easier for you to position the baler for transport or operation.

Hydraulic Tongue Positioning Bracket: This bracket is mandatory if you are looking to attach the hydraulic tongue positioning cylinder (above) to your 348 Baler.

Hitch and Drawbar

Safety Chain: If you are looking to tow equipment, consider adding this 20,000 lb. option to your parts list.

Wagon Hitch Options: 348 Baler owners can add a telescoping bale chute extension to make it easy to load bales straight from the 348 to the wagon. There is also a remote wagon hitch release attachment available to let you unhook the wagon from the seat of the tractor.


Auxiliary Lights: If you do work in the early morning or after the sun goes down in the evening, you may want to consider adding this 12-volt lighting system to your baler. This system consists of pickup-area, knotter-area and a twine or wire box area light that can be activated with a switch.


Gauge Wheel and Support: If you operate in uneven or irrigated fields, the gauge wheel option will allow your equipment to follow the contours of the ground more consistently. The flotation-type tire provides smoother operation.

Hydraulic Pickup Cylinder: This attachment lets you position the pickup to the appropriate height for precision windrow pickup. This part replaces the pickup positioning crank.

Twine System

Multi-Luber: Adding this part to the twine knotter will lessen the time it takes to lubricate. The self-contained reservoir and pump lubricate the entire knotter.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this list of John Deere 348 Baler parts gives you some options to think about when looking at ways to boost productivity.

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