20 Fascinating Farm Facts for Kids

October 24, 2016

With school back in session, kids are willing and eager to learn about all kinds of things, including agriculture and general happenings around the farm. Questions like “What crop is the most important in the United States?” or “How much milk can a cow make?” are some of the most common inquiries adults are faced with.


We will answer a number of these questions and offer up other farm facts for kids, so the learning can continue once they’re home from a day at school. Enjoy!

Corn Facts for Kids

  • The most important crop to the United States is corn.
  • Corn is planted in the springtime and harvested in the fall every year.
  • Sometimes, corn stalks can grow to be more than 20 feet high!
  • One pound of corn is made up of 1,300 kernels.
  • Corn is primarily consumed by humans, but it’s also a great food for cattle.
  • Humans usually eat sweet corn and popcorn. Animals eat flint corn and dent corn.
  • Many products that we use everyday contain corn.
  • Soap, paper, paint, soda, and crayons are just a few of the everyday products that contain corn.

Cotton Facts for Kids

  • The “Cotton Belt” is the name of the region that produces the vast majority of cotton.
  • The Cotton Belt area covers most of the southern half of the United States, ranging from Virginia all the to California.
  • Texas produces the most cotton in the United States, accounting for about 33 percent of the crop each season.
  • Cotton is most commonly used to make men’s and boy’s clothing. The jeans and shirts you wear most likely contain cotton.
  • A single bale of cotton can help produce 1,217 t-shirts or 313,600 dollar bills.
  • If all the cotton produced by the United States in a single year was used to make jeans, it could make 5 billion pairs.

Cow Facts for Kids

  • A typical fully-grown Holstein cow weighs nearly 1,400 pounds and can produce about 60 pounds of milk in a single day.
  • One day of production can turn out 2.6 pounds of butter, 6 pounds of cheese, or 7 gallons of the milk we drink.
  • It typically takes a farmer 20 minutes to milk a cow. This process is done about two or three times a day on average.
  • A dairy cow can produce 1,500 gallons or 6,000 quarts of milk in a single year.
  • When the cow is milked, the milk comes out at around 97 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cows have four stomachs.

We hope this post serves as a valuable resource for our readers that want to teach their kids some facts about the farm.

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