Looking to better manage and improve productivity across your fleet? The John Deere AgLogic™ app leverages GPS and cellular technology in a web-based system to provide visual details about your field activities. It also incorporates scheduling and routing features, wireless file transfer and real-time reports to help inform your daily decisions.


With AgLogic, equipment owners and operators will have the ability to manage work orders, dispatch equipment, share files, more easily locate fields, and track assets and operations.

In this post, we will overview the benefits of the John Deere AgLogic mobile app and explain how users can easily find what they need.

Overview of the AgLogic Mobile App

Tune into this video for an overview of the AgLogic app and get a better idea of what operators will experience in the cab. This introduction should help you easily navigate through the app.

How to Submit Feedback


What do you think about the AgLogic app? This video explains how you can submit feedback to help John Deere improve the solution. Because customer feedback is something that Deere uses to support updates and new developments, this is something that we certainly recommend doing.

How to Login and Navigate to the Field

Get specific directions to any field or facility associated with your work orders. Watch this video to learn how to quickly and easily login to the app and navigate to a field.

How to Start and Complete Orders

Better assign and prioritize your daily work orders. Watch this video to learn how simple it is to start and complete work orders using the app.

We hope this video gallery helped you better understand the features and benefits of John Deere AgLogic. If you have specific questions on how to find something in the app, feel free to comment below and we will do our best to address them.

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