When it comes time to spray the field, a grower’s worst enemies are those extremely resistant weeds. If proactive measures aren’t taken to protect their crop, detrimental problems can occur. Sprayer technology is a vital aspect of fighting against those pesky weeds.

In efforts to give growers the leverage that they need, John Deere has introduced the new R4030 and R4038 sprayers incorporating breakthrough sprayer technology. The following intelligent features will surely improve the application of crop protection and lead to more productive days on the field.

Direct Injection

Sprayer Technology

Direct Injection sprayer technology allows growers to inject chemicals right into the mixing channel. This helps achieve faster loading times without having to risk any mixing of chemicals. Growers are able to carry up to two chemicals on board while eliminating product mixing at the load station. The Direct Injection technology has shown to increases application rates up to 66%, giving growers the ability to cover more in a day with overall better performance.

Load Command System

Sprayer Technology

Advanced sprayer technology, like the Load Command, helps growers make the most of their day by cutting loading time up to 80%. This can decrease loading time from about twelve minutes to three minutes. While nine minutes may not initially seem like a large amount of time saved, it definitely adds up over multiple loading periods. After all, the grower’s time is the most valuable resource on the field. The Load Command system also reduces fatigue and chemical exposure, helping the machine operator have an overall faster and easier experience.

AgLogic System

Sprayer Technology

The AgLogic system is an extremely beneficial sprayer technology that works to manage and improve productivity through a combination of GPS, cellular technology and web-based software. This automated management system is capable of handling work orders, tracking assets and related activities, dispatching equipment and files, and more easily finding fields. With this technology, growers are able to better utilize resources by cutting input costs and saving valuable time.

Mobile Weather

Sprayer Technology

While growers can’t always count on the weather, they can count on the technology in their John Deere sprayer. Deere’s Mobile Weather sprayer technology provides growers with instant and field-specific information on weather conditions without them every having to leave the cab. With the ability to make reactive application decisions and improve weather documentation, this feature will surely help in application effectiveness on the field.


Sprayer Technology

What is technozzlegy? John Deere crafted this innovative term in efforts to describe the complete redefining of sprayer performance and accuracy. This is a concept so advanced that an entire new word had to be created for it’s purpose. Technozzlegy is the next generation of sprayer technology, including John Deere nozzles, pumps and other savvy accessories. These solutions will improve plant health in the long run, leaving growers happier than ever before.

As spraying continues to be an imperative aspect of crop production, we thought it was important to share some of John Deere’s effective sprayer technologies. Hopefully this has provided a better understanding of the level of intelligence integrated in these features. If you enjoyed this post, or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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