The John Deere 1725C planter delivers a wide variety of benefits to its operators. This machine has dual electric motors, a BrushBelt™ delivery system, and a 10mph planting speed for the utmost efficiency. It was also designed with maneuverability in mind, making tasks easier in narrow fields.

John Deere 1725C Planter

Let’s take a look at the key features of the John Deere 1725C planter.

ExactEmerge™ System

The ExactEmerge trench delivery system is designed to maintain accurate speed placement at higher speeds while the machine is in use. This ensures that growers are always working optimally to get the highest crop yields.

Mobile Row-Unit Runoff

The mobile row-unit runoff feature can be activated on the planter to make adjustments as necessary through the PlanterPlus app. With the feature enabled, growers can perform test-stand functions from a mobile device. With data at their fingertips, operators are in a better position to optimize the planting process.

Dual 56-V Electric Motors

The dual 56-V electric motors are controlled at a rate of 200 times per second. The controller allows operators to adjust each motor to independent speeds as well. Because the motors are brushless, they are maintenance-free.

Stack-Fold Design

The John Deere 1725C planter has a stack-fold design, which provides narrow transport capability. It can also operate in either a rigid-frame or flex-frame configuration. Because the machine does not have lift-assist wheels, it’s more maneuverable in tighter field environments.

BrushBelt System

With the BrushBelt trench delivery system, operators can ensure that the spacing in the trench does not change from flat ground to hill ground. It is also the best solution for the lowest release of seed to the bottom of trenches. The brush provides the meter with several seed placement opportunities when it’s in use.

35-Bushel Central Commodity System

The John Deere 1725C planter has a CCS with a capacity of 35 bushels. The CCS tank also has a polyethylene design for maximum durability. Corn, sweet corn, popcorn, cotton, sunflowers, soybeans, and sorghum can all be planted with the CCS of the machine.

Easy-Adjust Row Cleaners

The row cleaners of the planter can be controlled directly from the cab of the machine. With the push of the button, they can be raised for wet areas, waterways or end rows. The row cleaners themselves are also completely integrated into the John Deere GreenStar 2630 Display and Gen 4 CommandCenter™.

Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information about this model or any other planting equipment.

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