Small-grain producers are always trying to cover more acres per day. Thanks to the recent introduction of the company’s largest air cart to date, John Deere is aiming to allow producers to do just that with the C850.

John Deere C850 Air Cart

Producers understand when it comes to seeding with an air cart, it’s about more than just capacity. Success is also derived from the technology and productivity-enhancing features. Let’s take a closer look at some of the capabilities that do just that.

Tank Capacity and Design

The C850 can hold 850 bushels of product. The front tank is suitable for low-rate applications and can hold up to 50 bushels. The other three tanks of the cart hold 260, 130, and 410 bushels (from front to rear). Each of the tanks sits in an individual cradled frame and is made from solid molded polymer.

Tank Lids

Five tank lids make filling the C850 quick and convenient. The three tank lids on the back include wide openings, which makes it easy to place the conveyor during fills. The single per tank design also improves filling times.

John Deere ActiveCal™

Calibration while seeding is critical to being as accurate as possible while working. However, the weight of the product and changing conditions can have an impact on the volumetric metering system throughout the day. With this obstacle in mind, the C850 comes with the John Deere ActiveCal system, which allows calibration to be controlled from the tractor cab while seeding.

Wireless-Controlled Hydraulic Conveyance System

This system comes standard on the C850, allowing producers to maneuver the conveyor from a wireless remote or the remote that’s tethered to the cart. The five pivot points on one arm make it possible to fill all the tanks from a single spot. The conveyor has the ability to move up to 100 bu. of product in a minute. LED lights on the cart and conveyor make it easy to fill up at night or early in the morning when illumination is needed.

Camera System

The C850 comes camera-ready, allowing producers to monitor the products in each of the four tanks from inside the cab.

Stairway and Platform

Getting to the platform is safe and easy thanks to the C850’s tall and sturdy handrails. The machine has a wheel-speed sensor that automatically folds up the stairs as the equipment moves.

Cart Side Display

The robust digital display that’s mounted to the side of the cart allows operators to calibrate faster than before. With this display, producers can view tank weights, bin level, meter calibration settings, tank pressure, and much more. The digital screen replaces the mechanical tank gauges that can be found on previous cart models.


The John Deere C850 is compatible with the 76-foot 1870 Air Hoe Drill; and 50- and 60-foot 1890 No-till Air Drills. The cart can also be equipped with AirPower2, ActiveCal™, Acres Remaining, Section Command™ and Hydraulic Wireless Conveyance features.

For more information about the new John Deere C850 or other planting and seeding equipment, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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