As you look to simplify maintenance on your property, you may want to consider the John Deere X738 to take care of all of your yard tasks. This mower is designed to handle a wide variety of terrain without compromising on maneuverability or durability.

John Deere X738

Let’s take a look at the key features of the John Deere X738 and why it may be the best choice for your needs.

Edge™ High-Capacity Mower Deck

The John Deere X738 has a high-capacity mower deck that can be easily installed on both four-wheel and two-wheel drive models. On the four-wheel drive model, the operator can drive onto and over the deck for quick installation. Operators can back onto and over the deck with their two-wheel drive model for simple installation as well.

Power Flow™

The Power Flow material collection system makes cleanup a breeze. It comes with a blower and chute, and operators can choose from a two-bag or three-bag hopper. The 670-liter MC519 Power Flow cart is also compatible with the John Deere X738 for even more material collection versatility.

V-Twin Engine

The V-twin engine of the John Deere X738 has a liquid-cooled iTorque™ power system for the maximum amount of force. The engine can deliver up to 25.5 horsepower and handle commercial-style jobs. Its overhead valve provides more efficient airflow for better combustion. It also enhances cooling and reduces oil consumption over time. The engine is also designed to meet clean air standards, as set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Welded Frame

The John Deere X738 has a welded steel frame, meaning it is specifically designed to handle heavy equipment. The side rails of the frame are composed of seven-gauge, 0.18-inch steel for additional strength. The front bumper is composed of 0.375-inch steel. Because the frame in its entirety is robotically welded, the entire structure is consistent in its form and strength.


MulchControl makes it easier for operators to handle mulching on the go. The attachment is composed of baffles, which control the flow of material under the deck. The MulchControl handle allows operators to close and open the baffles as needed in just a few minutes.

Hydraulic Steering

This tractor comes with power steering as a standard. This reduces operator fatigue over time and enhances maneuverability. The two-wheel steer has a 25-inch turning radius, while the four-wheel steer has a 21-inch turning radius. Infinite ground speed control allows for smooth directional changes on the fly.

Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information about the John Deere X738 or other riding mower models.

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