As spring hits full stride, home and property owners are likely being inundated with weekend projects. One of these tasks, maintaining a clean-cut lawn, can be a challenge to keep up with as grass hits its peak growing season. Trees, shrubs, fence corners, and garden beds are just a few common obstacles that often stand in the way of a traditional riding mower’s work on the lawn. When this is the case, John Deere 4-wheel steering mowers will help you get the job done right.

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A number of John Deere 4-wheel steering mowers are on the market in an attempt to provide operators with superior control and reduce the size of uncut circles around these obstacles. Let’s take a closer look at these models as well as a few features of each.

X304 Select Series Tractor

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The X304 Select Series features a V-twin air-cooled design engine with 18.5 hp and a 42-inch Edge Xtra Deck mowing deck which cuts clean every time.

X324 Select Series Tractor

<img src=“X324-BG.png” alt=“John Deere X324 riding mower angled slightly”>

The X324 has a similar design to the X304 but includes a more powerful 22 hp engine and a 48-inch mowing deck that has 3 blades, providing an exceptional cut over a larger area.

X534 Select Series Tractor

 <img src=“X534-BG.png” alt=“John Deere X534 riding mower angled slightly with bagger attachment”>

A 24 hp engine powers the X534, but the true value of this John Deere 4-wheel steering mower comes within its ability to mow slopes with ease. The wide stand design enhances stability on hillsides and traction can be increased with the press of a pedal.

X734 Signature Series Tractor

<img src=“X734.png” alt=“Woman with hands on the wheel of a John Deere X734 riding mower next to tree”>

With 25.5 hp and electronic fuel injection (EFI), the X734 combines power with fast starts and smooth warm-ups. This model has 48, 54, and 60-in. mower deck options.

X739 Signature Series Tractor

<img src=“X739.png” alt=“John Deere X739 riding mower with black chute attachment”>

The X739 is very similar to the X734, with a couple differences. Aside from a larger body, the X739 has full-time four-wheel drive, providing those that need it with a little extra power.

X754 Signature Series Tractor

<img src=“X754.jpg” alt=“Man cutting lawn with John Deere X754 steering mower with yellow chute attachment”>

The X754’s three-cylinder diesel engine makes it an ideal riding mower for those that demand extra torque and durability for lawn projects.

With superior maneuverability and ample power, the John Deere 4-wheel steering riding mowers listed in this post are a home or property owner’s best friend, making quick work of mowing around any obstacles.

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