Every property owner yearns for a great-looking lawn. With the help of John Deere lawn equipment, achieving this goal is within reach. While many land owners understand what types of equipment are best-suited for various tasks and yard sizes, the mower decks that do the actual cutting may be more of a mystery.


Types of John Deere Mower Decks

Every John Deere mower deck is solidly stamped out of steel and designed in a way that sets up for a superior cut. But, what are the different mower deck options available to John Deere customers today and what models are compatible? Let’s take a closer look:

Accel Deep™ Mower Deck

The Accel Deep mower deck was introduced in early March, offering lawn professionals an option that provides a clean, fast cut. The flat-top design is the staple feature of the Accel Deep options, allowing grass to flow cleanly through the deck and discharge area while keeping up speed. As a result, incoming grass will pass through without interference and recutting (a common mowing obstacle) will be minimized.

Lift-up spindle covers make servicing and cleaning the deck easy processes. This deck can be paired with the MulchControl™ Kit, which lets drivers switch between side discharge and mulching by simply flipping a lever.

What Mowers Work with the John Deere Accel Deep Deck?

Mower models compatible with the Accel Deep deck include:

  • Z335E
  • Z525E
  • Z535M
  • Z540M
  • X330
  • X350
  • X354
  • X370
  • X380
  • X384
  • X390
  • X394
  • X570
  • X580
  • X584
  • X590
  • X710
  • X730
  • X734
  • X738
  • X739
  • X750
  • X754
  • X758

High-Capacity Mower Deck

With this John Deere mower deck option, operators will notice a wider and higher discharge opening that delivers even clipping dispersal. The end result is a lawn with an excellent cut, regardless of the conditions the mowing was done in. This deck is also MulchControl-capable and AutoConnect™ can be used with X700 models.

What Mowers Work with the John Deere High-Capacity Deck?

Mower models compatible with the High-Capacity deck include:

  • Z625
  • Z645
  • Z655
  • Z665
  • Z540R
  • X710
  • X730
  • X734
  • X738
  • X739
  • X750
  • X754
  • X758

Edge™ Mower Deck

We have all encountered a mower deck with an underside that’s filled with grass clippings and other clumps of material. The Edge mower deck from John Deere’s smooth and deep underside is designed to prevent against just that, allowing operators to spend more time on the mower and less time clearing material from the deck.

What Mowers Work with the John Deere Edge Mower Deck?

Mower models compatible with the Edge deck include:

  • Z235
  • Z255
  • Z355E
  • Z425
  • Z435
  • Z445
  • Z540M
  • D105
  • D110
  • D125
  • D130
  • D140
  • D155
  • D160
  • D170
  • S240
  • X350R

Edge™ Xtra Mower Deck

The Edge Xtra mower deck’s most notable feature is its superior airflow throughout the deck, which allows operators to achieve an unmatched cut quality and consistent discharge regardless of the mowing conditions.

What Mowers Work with the John Deere Edge Xtra Deck?

Mower models compatible with the Edge Xtra deck include:

  • X300
  • X300R
  • X304
  • X310
  • X320
  • X324
  • X360
  • X500
  • X530
  • X534
  • X590
  • X710
  • X730
  • X734
  • X738
  • X739
  • X750
  • X754
  • X758

We hope this post serves as a useful guide when evaluating John Deere mowers and deck options.

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John Deere Mower Deck FAQs

What Size John Deere Mower Deck Gives the Best Cut?

The size of your preferred mower deck depends on the size of ground you’re trying to cover. Here’s a general guide to choosing the best deck size for your lawn. 

  • ½ Acre: Deck size of 40 inches or fewer.
  • ½ – 2 Acres: Deck size of 42-48 inches.
  • 3+ Acres: Deck size of 50 inches wide.  

What are the Different John Deere Mower Decks?

John Deere manufactures 4 different types of mower decks, including the Edge™ Mower Deck, the High-Capacity Mower Deck, the Edge™ Xtra Mower Deck and the Accel DeepTM Mower Deck.

Are John Deere Mower Decks Interchangeable?

Simply put, yes. However, it’s important to check the dimensions and specifications of each mower deck to be sure it aligns with your current mower.

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