What is a Root Grapple?

Root grapples are tractor loader attachments that can be added to equipment for lifting, stacking, moving, pushing, loading, or unloading heavy-duty materials.

Root Grapple

How is a Root Grapple Used?

While a root grapple can be used for a variety of tasks, they’re especially useful when it comes to moving large piles of brush that are collected around the property. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you should consider taking when using a root grapple to take on brush.

1. Analyze the Pile of Brush

Before you bring the root grapple over to take on the pile of brush, be sure it’s a large enough pile to warrant the use of the grapple and identify a central location to collect all the piles around the property (if necessary). This will make it easy to dispose of the brush properly.

2. Using the Root Grapple

When using the root grapple to move a pile of brush, be sure to drive the grapple well below the bottom of the pile. It’s okay to slightly penetrate the soil underneath the brush. Then, drive the grapple hard into the pile so the clamps get as much material as possible.

Then, drive the grapple hard into the pile so the clamps get as much material as possible. Once the grapple is in position, use the clamp arm to clamp down hard onto the top of the pile. Remember: you’re dealing with debris that can’t be hurt.

3. Combine the Piles of Debris

Use the root grapple to collect and combine all the piles of debris you have around your property into a centralized location. After it’s all been put into one big pile, dispose of it all in a way that’s consistent with local practice and regulations.

Final Thoughts

The root grapple is one of more than 600 Frontier implements available for purchase at John Deere dealerships. Visit this page or contact your local John Deere dealer for more information about root grapples and other implements that can simplify property cleanup.

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