Cold planers are designed to help those on the worksite repair streets, level pavement, and cut drainage in parking lots, to name a few. John Deere currently offers four cold planer models (CP12D, CP18D, CP24D, and CP30D) as part of its Worksite Pro™ attachment lineup.

John Deere Cold Planer

Let’s take a closer look at how to install, operate, and maintain these models to you can get the job done quickly and efficiently before moving on to the next.

Cold Planer Installation

To install a John Deere cold planer, you will have to maneuver the machine so the Quik-Tatch lines up with the mounting plate on the back of the attachment. Then, tilt the planer back and latch the Quik-Tatch. To ensure the planer is in place, you should push it down on the ground. This will indicate whether the latches are in place or not.

Next, it’s time to connect the hydraulic hoses. Clean both ends of the connectors to keep contaminants out of the hydraulic system. If the attachment has a case drain, it must be the first to be connected and last to be disconnected. If it doesn’t have a case drain, connect the return line first (this takes the hydraulic pressure out of the system). Then, be sure to connect the electrical harness to the machine.

Cold Planer Operating Tips

Now that the cold planer is attached to the equipment, here are some tips for proper operation:

  • Lift the planer off the ground and engage the hydraulics to begin the rotation of the drum. Be sure the drum is rotating in the direction the machine is traveling.
  • It’s important to remember that traveling at slow and steady speeds will yield a more consistent cut.
  • If the drum stalls or rides up and out of the cut, you need to slow down.
  • Cutting asphalt and concrete require different carbide cutting tools and depths. For concrete, it’s only recommended that 3/4″-1″ are taken per cut. For asphalt, the recommended depth is 1 1/2″-2.” If a deeper cut is required, you should do so with multiple passes.

Cold Planer Maintenance

Like any John Deere attachment, regular maintenance is key to ensuring safe operation and a long operating life. Regular equipment walkarounds should happen to ensure all hardware is tight and the hydraulic system is not leaking in any spots. You should also check to make sure the cutting tools can freely spin and that grease fittings are lubricated. Be sure to change the gear oil in the planetary drive after 50 hours of use.

Final Thoughts

We hope this post provides John Deere cold planer operators with the information they need to get their equipment attached and ready to take on the day’s work. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information about cold planers or other Worksite Pro attachments.

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