It’s that special time of year again. The time when we have a chance to see all of the hard work and dedication that goes into feeding the country and the world. The anticipation of planting season builds among crop farmers and growers throughout the year until, finally – peak season hits.

This remains one of our all-time favorite times of the year, not just because we enjoy putting together this annual fan photo gallery, but it also gives us all a chance to reflect on the incredible progress made each year.

Throughout the season, those involved in planting continued to share amazing photos using the hashtag #Plant17 on Twitter. This year, we sorted through thousands of photos that revealed all of the hard work that was truly left on the field.

You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, we’ll cut to the chase. To honor all of the dedicated crop farmers around the country, we put together this Twitter gallery with some of the most memorable moments captured during Plant 2017. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these amazing photos.

50+ Amazing John Deere #Plant17 Fan Photos

Wrapping Up the Season

While these are just a handful of memorable moments that happened this planting season, we continue to be impressed by the amazing planting photos captured by John Deere fans each year. Since we’re sure we missed some, please feel free to send any additional photos our way on Twitter: @MachineFinder. Happy #Plant17!

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