John Deere rolled out its new line of advanced grain harvesting technology in mid-2017, and the John Deere S760 was one of the stars of the show. This combine has the “smart” technology customers need to automate and optimize their harvesting operations. Features such as Combine Advisor™ also make it easy to work in a wide range of conditions.

John Deere S760

Let’s take a look at some of the other highlights of the John Deere S760.

TriStream Rotor

The TriStream rotor of the John Deere S760 features a slightly tapered design in the threshing area. This improves the quality of grain, especially for harvesters working with mainly coarse grains. The spiral vanes surrounding the rotor guide the crop material through the threshing and separating area in a pull-and-release action. This allows the machine to work more efficiently and improves its overall performance. Fifteen cast-constructed threshing elements make for superior grain handling, and conical top covers ensure smooth material movement.

Combine Advisor

The Combine Advisor package contains a wide range of technologies that maximize harvesting profits. The combine’s performance can be automated as conditions change, giving operators one less thing to worry about as they work. The Integrated Combine Advisor application contains the HarvestSmart™ system for the automation of feed rate, the Active Terrain Adjustment™ system for terrain change management, and Auto Maintain with ActiveVision™ for crop condition changes.

ProDrive™ Transmission

The ProDrive Transmission of the John Deere S760 uses PowerShift™ technology. This means that the transmission automatically shifts between two speed ranges to accommodate ground conditions and terrain changes. Operators also have more control over the combine speed while going up or down hills. The HarvestSmart feed rate control system also reduces operator stress and fatigue.

Variable-Stream Rotor

Crop flow is smoothed with the variable-stream rotor during challenging handling conditions, making for a more optimal performance. The longer rotor taper in the threshing area improves overall material handling, and adjustable transport vanes allow operators to alter the vane angle directly from the cab. In the end, this improves straw quality for harvesters.

Platform Tilt

This option allows machine operators to hydraulically adjust the fore-aft pitch of front-end equipment with the touch of a button. In turn, the performance of the header is maximized in down crop or changing field conditions.

Gen4 CommandCenter™ 4600 Display

This central information system will be available on all John Deere S-Series combines beginning in 2018. It will allow operators to manage various harvest and diagnostic information during harvesting.

If you have any questions about the John Deere S760, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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