Motor graders from John Deere come with several safety features, all of which are just as important as the operational aspects of the machines.

John Deere Motor Grader Safety

By taking them into account, customers can ensure that they are always working safely while tackling tasks out in the field. Here are some motor grader safety tips to keep in mind:

Motor Grader Safety Tips: Before Operation

  • Buckle up before you start the engine.
  • Make a quick check of the operational controls.
  • Listen for unusual noises and vibrations before starting.

Motor Grader Safety Tips: During Operation

  • Look behind you while backing up, even when the backup alarm is engaged.
  • Reduce your speed while working in congested areas or on rough terrain.
  • Do not carry passengers. Graders are specifically made with one seat and seatbelt to accommodate a single operator.
  • Use caution while working on slopes, and avoid turning on a slope, which is when the motor grader is least stable. Move vertically (up and down) slopes as necessary.
  • Keep away from the outer edge while working on top of a slope or a side hill. Extend the blade out to the side to move material near the edge.
  • When carrying or working the blade at a sharp angle, be careful when articulating to avoid puncturing the tire.

Motor Grader Safety Tips: After Operation

  • Park the machine on a level service.
  • Move the FNR into neutral. Press the park brake switch on the SSM.
  • Lower the blade and any attachments to the ground.
  • Lock up the machine if you are shutting it down for the day. This may be able to help prevent vandalism.
  • Use caution when loading it on or off a trailer. This is one instance in which the motor grader may be likely to tip over.
  • Remove any debris from the bed before loading.
  • Fasten your seatbelt before loading to prevent injury in the event of an overturn.
  • If possible, use a spotter to help you line up the grader with the trailer.
  • Drive slowly onto the ramp. The center line of the machine should be on the center line of the trailer.
  • Once on the trailer, move the FNR to neutral and press the park brake switch on the SSM.
  • Make sure the blade is centered on the machine.
  • Fasten the machine to the trailer. The operator’s manual includes information on the tie-down points. Use a load binder to secure the unit.
  • Cover the exhaust to prevent damage to the turbocharger.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of the amount of experience an operator may have, one small mistake can result in an injury or worse. For this reason, it’s critical to be mindful of these key safety points before, during and after operating a motor grader. Watch the video below for even more information about motor grader safety.

If you have any questions about motor grader safety or your particular machine, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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