Despite the fact that spring has officially arrived, many parts of the country are still facing snowy and icy conditions, making getting outside seem unbearable. While some are able to spend their time working on their landscapes, others are cleaning up snow on a consistent basis. As our fans have shown us, though, John Deere compact construction equipment helps make any job quick and easy, no matter the weather.

We have searched for images that portray the variety of tasks that this equipment can handle, from tree removal to drilling to snow removal, and our fans have not disappointed. We wanted to recognize the photographers who took time out of their days to capture each of these moments and acknowledge those that are out completing these jobs on a daily basis in extreme heat, extreme cold, and seemingly never-ending snow.

Take a look at our Twitter fan media gallery. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

We appreciate each of these images and the range of uses that is portrayed from one moment to the next. As it’s likely we missed some great ones, please send any additional photos our way on Twitter: @MachineFinder.

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