Rotary cutters may seem like they all have the same design, but the fact of the matter is that they have different features that can fit customers’ specific needs out in the field. The John Deere MX10 is one of those products, and it has several features that can enhance productivity while boosting efficiency for users.

John Deere MX10

Here’s a look at key highlights of the John Deere MX10 and what it can offer to equipment operators.

Double-Decker™ Frame Design

The Double Decker frame design of the John Deere MX10 provides an ample amount of strength and enhances cutting performance. Two welded decks form the upper and lower surfaces of the equipment frame for strength. Internal stiffeners are sandwiched between the two decks for more rigidity. The top deck is domed to prevent residue build-up, and the bottom deck acts as a guard against damage from rocks and field debris.

Standard Stump Jumper Blade Holder

The standard stump jumper blade holder is standard on the John Deere MX10. This feature increases the drivetrain reliability, protecting against impacts from debris such as stumps and rocks.

Safety Chain Shields

The safety chain shields on this machine come standard. They offer protection while the machine is in operation, but allow uncut material to pass into the cutting chamber without restriction.

Driveline with Slip Clutch

The MX10 also comes with driveline with slip clutch, which is designed to protect against overloads. The rubber element that connects the drivelines helps to absorb the sudden stress of impact loads. Chain couplers are also used to maintain the driveline alignment. Lift-type and semi-mount models on the MX10 feature an ASAE Category 4 driveline for even more durability out in the field. The pull-type model uses an equal-angle driveline for more seamless turns, and a lightweight driveline with a lock-slide collar makes it fast and easy to attach. Finally, the driveline has long lubrication periods. This means that operators can go for 50 hours at a time without needing to relubricate, resulting in less downtime and more productivity.

If you have any questions about the John Deere MX10 or its features, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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