The new John Deere 345G LC excavator provides customers with the reliability and durability that they expect from this brand while including additional features designed to improve the user experience. Compared to previous models, specifically the 245G LC, this larger piece of equipment offers benefits such as more reach and higher lift capacity. With the John Deere 345G LC excavator, operators can take advantage of the reduced tail swing in tight spaces, even while working underground.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the John Deere 345G LC reduced tail swing excavator.

Turbocharged Engine

The 249-horsepower (186-kW) Final Tier 4 diesel engine ensures that the John Deere 345G LC excavator runs efficiently and meets a fixed set of emission standards while operating with power and ease.

Three-Pump Hydraulic System

This system allows for fast cycle times and smooth multifunction performance due to the utilization of a single pump designed to keep hydraulic flow consistent and uncompromised. Operators also have the option to add a supplemental hydraulic package that facilitates the control of larger attachments through extra hydraulic flow.

Large Cab

When handling this machine, operators can benefit from easily accessible controls that range from work mode selection to attachment operation. A fabric covered, adjustable suspension seat and plenty of legroom ensure that one’s job is always done comfortably and effectively.

Increased Productivity

The John Deere 345G LC is designed to work in tight spaces while getting the job done as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Features designed to boost productivity include increased breakout force, more digging depth, and more bucket capacity.

Optimal Visibility

Working in close-quarters requires unmatched visibility throughout the cab that is achieved by a rearview camera that shows what is happening behind the 345G LC on the front monitor and broad glass on the front and sides of this machine.

Convenient Serviceability

Operators can easily access filters and daily service points through conveniently located side panels. In the rear part of the machine, a battery-disconnect switch can be reached in order to extend battery life.

The introduction of the John Deere 345G LC excavator allows customers to be as productive as possible, no matter where they are working. This drive towards efficiency in all capacities is what led to the careful design of this machine, according to Jonathan Spendlove, excavator product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry, who says, “The ability for our customers to swing a machine and not have the counterweight extend into an additional lane of traffic or bump into a tree is an equipment trait they are considering when looking at options like the 345G LC.”

To learn more about the capabilities of this piece of equipment, watch the video below.

John Deere 345G LC Excavator

If you have any questions about the John Deere 345G LC or its features, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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