When you need a round baler that can stand the test of time, John Deere has a wide array of options for you to choose from. One baler you may want to consider for your needs is the John Deere 460M. This machine comes equipped with the BaleTrak™ Pro monitor-controller, DiamondTough™ triple weave belts, and the COVER-EDGE™ surface wrap option.

John Deere 460M

Here’s a look at all of the highlights of the John Deere 460M and how it can make baling an easier task for you on the job.

Vertical Forming Chamber

The vertical forming chamber of the John Deere 460M is specifically designed to maintain uniform bale density. As hay enters the forming chamber from the pickup, belts immediately turn the hay to form a tight, dense core. Next, incoming hay feeds between the bale and the lower gate roll. The hay is then compressed into smooth, dense layers as it enters the bale itself. Chaffing is reduced to prevent loss and retain hay quality in the bale.

MegaWide High Capacity and Cutting Feeding System

The John Deere 460M comes with the MegaWide™ HC2, which is available in a precutter configuration. The roller baffle is doubled in size from the MegaWide Plus from 10.2 cm to 20.3 cm diameter for increased speeds and performance in large windrowers. The 460M can also be configured with the MegaWide HC2 to have the same flare-to-flare pickup width of 7.21 ft.

DiamondTough Belts

The 7-inch diamond-tread design makes for fast bale starts and grips the bale to prevent slippage and reduce chaffing. The treads themselves are also self-cleaning to reduce carryover. They are staggered to reduce the loss of fine material and are closely spaced to contain the hay for fast, easy starts. The belts themselves are more puncture and tear resistant than other belts on the market, and they have the strength to handle heavy shock loads and help maintain consistent belt length.

BaleTrak Pro Monitor

The BaleTrak Pro monitor is designed to sound an alarm for near-full, full and oversized bales. The monitor beeps once to alert operators to even-up the bale prior to reaching the desired size, and it beeps twice when the bale reaches the desired size.

Adjustable Hitch

The John Deere 460M comes with an adjustable hitch, which allows the hitch height to be adjusted to optimize crop-feeding performance. It also eliminates the need for a 2-inch thick tractor drawbar kit with its wider opening.

If you have any questions about the John Deere 460M or its features, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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