The John Deere 569 Round Baler is an ideal machine for operators looking to maximize productivity while baling hay over the course of the workday. With its MegaTooth™ pickup system and B-Wrap™ wrap system, it’s never been easier to handle baling out in the field.

John Deere 569

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the John Deere 569 Round Baler.

Vertical Forming Chamber

The forming chamber of the John Deere 569 Round Baler has a vertical design. This allows hay to enter the chamber and immediately form a tight, dense core. It’s tightly compressed as it enters the bale.

Regular Pickup with Converging Wheels

The John Deere 569 has a regular pickup with converging baler wheels. The pickup hugs the ground to ensure clean crop retrieval and minimal hay movement. It can also handle large, heavy windrows of hay and high-moisture crops with ease. Side flares prevent hay from blowing away, which ultimately reduces hay loss.

Large Shafts and Bearings

The #9 and #11 shafts and bearings on the John Deere 569 Round Baler are larger, which increases their durability over time. These specific shafts and bearings tend to receive the most wear and stress, as they have the majority of contact with the machine’s belts.

BaleTrak™ Compatibility

The John Deere 569 Round Baler is compatible with the BaleTrak Pro monitor controller. This allows users to monitor bale shape and wrapping with ease. Operators can also adjust wrap settings and bale size with the monitor.

XL High Flotation Tires

This baler has XL high-flotation tires, which absorb more shock and improve the ride for the operator while the machine is in use. The tires also reduce compaction on soft ground and allow for increased ground speed.

Adjustable Hitch

The adjustable hitch on the John Deere 569 Round Baler allows operators to match the baler to various tire sizes and allow the pickup head to follow the terrain, minimizing crop loss. The height can also be adjusted to optimize crop-feeding while in use.

Diamond® Chain

Diamond Chain’s Diamond Series are used on this model. They are created with raw materials that meet standards for metal grade, mechanical properties, carbon and alloy content. This ensures that there are fewer impurities that can result in a loss of strength. The 569 Round Baler has Diamond Chains on its upper and lower drive rolls.

MegaTooth Pickup

The John Deere 569 Round Baler has a MegaTooth pickup system for more efficiency and productivity while baling. The MegaTooth teeth can handle rough terrain, and they can be used with a regular pickup width.

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