For the upcoming season, John Deere has made numerous updates to its machinery to further satisfy its customers. John Deere air seeding equipment, for example, will receive several updates for 2019. The expansion of the ProSeries™ opener, the RelativeFlow™ monitoring system, and the High Floatation kit are just some of the updates to watch for.

Let’s take a look at some of the adjustments and new features that are being added to John Deere air seeding equipment, as well as how they will be able to help you out in the field.

  • The ProSeries opener will be expanded for the model year 2019 machines. This means that operators will be able to make the most of their seed and fertilizer each time they’re on the job.
  • The press wheel is narrow and flexible, and fits into the turn spreader. It ultimately improves seed-to-soil contact, giving your seeds the best chance to sprout and grow.
  • The narrow seed boot fits tighter to the disk than before, which helps keep the soil in place.
  • The bolt has been replaced with a flag pin to keep the boot from moving, enhancing accuracy.
  • There are new bushings with capped off pivot joints to reduce corrosion.
  • The ProSeries opener model expansion will be available on the 1890, 1895, 1990, 1835, and 1590.
  • The RelativeFlow monitoring system will be available on the 1895 (60-foot), 1890 (50-foot and 60-foot) and 1870 (40-foot, 56-foot and 76-foot).
  • The system works by transmitting data on the seed and fertilizer flow rates directly onto a monitor in the cab.
  • Sensors in primary towers and secondary hoses monitor the rate of product flow.
  • The High Floatation kit is available in the 1870 76-foot high flotation package.
  • The larger mainframe tires provide a 91.7 percent increase in flat plate area. They have a width of 21.7 inches, compared to the standard 17.1 inches. This helps implement the float in less-than-ideal seeding conditions.
  • There have been updates to the 1910 Air Cart to reduce the chevron pattern.
  • Properly setting up the delay times via the CommandCenter can ultimately help reduce the chevron pattern.

If you have any questions about the John Deere model year 2019 updates, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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