John Deere’s N500C Air Drill builds on the best features of the 1990CCS Air Seeder, which has been a staple for producers working with small grain seeds. Customers know that by investing in the N500C Air Drill, they are getting an air drill with the latest in seeding technology to boost productivity and efficiency out in the field.

“Easier meter access, improved seeding accuracy and increased capacity with less compaction were the most common requests we heard from customers,” says Ryan Hough, marketing manager for John Deere Seeding. “The N500C Air Drill was designed to give operators much easier meter access, and the latest in integrated technology for improved seed placement accuracy, control, and confidence, to help them do the best seeding job possible for cereals, canola, soybeans and other crops.”

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the John Deere N500C Air Drill and how it can help with all tasks related to seeding.

Main Frame and Commodity Tank

The main frame and commodity tank of this seeder are in different areas than they were on previous seeders. The blower is mounted in the forward position and there is a raised platform, which gives users easier meter access to clear blockages of clean out seed.

Electric-Drive Volumetric Meters

The John Deere N500C Air Drill has electric-drive volumetric meters, which offer greater seed population control, in addition to four-section variable-rate seeding capabilities with SectionCommand.


This air drill has John Deere’s ActiveCal tank scales, which allow operators to calibrate seeding directly from inside of the cab.

RelativeFlow and TruSet

In addition to ActiveCal, the John Deere N500C Air Drill has RelativeFlow blockage for row-to-row seed-flow monitoring, as well as TruSet, which offers down force control to operators from inside of the cab.

ProSeries Openers

The John Deere N500C features no-till ProSeries Openers for improved seed placement accuracy across soil, regardless of terrain differences and conditions. The ProSeries Openers have a narrow seed boot and narrow, flexible press wheel that provides up to 40 percent more consistent seed depth across the width of the seeder itself.

Variable Widths

The air drill is available in 30-, 36-, 40- and 42-foot widths with 100-bu. or 120-bu. central commodity tanks, depending on the tool width.

If you have any questions about the John Deere N500C Air Drill, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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