When it comes time for harvesting, John Deere cotton technology is unrivaled in its ease of use and efficiency within the field. Both the all-new CS690 Cotton Stripper and the CP690 Cotton Picker, updated to raise its predecessor’s speed by five percent, provide countless benefits in terms of time, fuel, and machine costs.

By utilizing John Deere cotton technology, operators will see an increase in productivity throughout the harvest season. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that are built into this technology.


This system provides operators with remote access to critical information, including maintenance alerts and location history, as a means of increasing communication amongst several parties. The inclusion of features such as Remote Display Access, Wireless Data Transfer, and Service ADVISORRemote further allow for improved efficiency and performance. In order to benefit from this technology, a subscription and activation are required.

Remote Communication

John Deere cotton technology allows operators to have remote access to information by simply viewing their GS3 2630 display or CommandCenter screen. This feature works to improve communication between business owners, operators, and dealers, something which can prove to be crucial may any issues arise within the field.

Wireless Data Transfer

When working within the field, operators can wirelessly transfer yield data and other information directly to their Operations Center account. Once transferred, this data will be accessible to all those involved in order to provide further insights into operations both currently and in the future.

Service ADVISOR Remote™

When equipment needs a diagnostic check or software upgrade, customers can benefit from a remote visit from their dealer. This feature reduces service visits by allowing dealers to remotely identify any issues and pinpoint the exact problem before making a trip to work on the machine in person if needed.

AutoTrac System™

This feature works to reduce operator fatigue and boost efficiency through automatic guidance and hands-free control. A 2-inch pass-to-pass accuracy also means that operators will see an increase in overall productivity and an ability to focus on tasks other than steering throughout the field.

Manual RowSense Guidance

John Deere cotton technology is designed in such a way that operators are able to focus more of their attention on the crops that they are harvesting as opposed to solely steering the machine. In order to activate this guidance system, operators simply need to line up with the rows and switch on the lever before Manual RowSense takes over.

Each of these features provides a number of benefits to John Deere customers when operating their cotton equipment. This technology is designed to boost productivity and reduce costs throughout the harvest season, allowing business owners and field operators to focus on how to continually improve yields for seasons to come.

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