Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on the weather but we should be able to rely on our equipment. During cotton harvesting season, growers often feel like they are in a race against the elements. The stress of producing more in less time can become overwhelming, but the John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper aims to eliminate this concern without sacrificing the quality of crop.


The innovative John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper has several features that will lead to increased harvest efficiency and reduced downtime in the field. Let’s dive into five key components of the CS690 that help increase productivity even when harvesting in the most challenging conditions.

Non-stop Round Module Harvesting Solution

Continuous harvesting technology is incorporated in the CS690 for increased efficiency. While the onboard module-building system ensures quality cotton and seed protection, it also encourages faster harvesting and less labor demands. The CS690 aims to increases profitability by capturing yield and minimizing loss. In this way, growers will be better able to meet their harvesting objectives.

Added Horsepower

To achieve better performance and reliability of the 7460 Cotton Stripper, John Deere has added horsepower to make the improved CS690 Cotton Stripper even more productive. This new 500hp 13.5L engine with a 30hp boost ruthlessly fights against tough climate conditions without sacrificing yield. This added power returns control of harvesting production from the weather to the grower’s hands.

The ProDrive™ Transmission

The ProDrive™ transmission is integrated in the CS690’s advanced design to provide many evident benefits. The transmission is equipped with full-time four-wheel drive and allows the operator to easily shift with just the touch of a button. With features like Dial-A-Speed™ field cruise, this transmission achieves stripping speeds up to 9 mph, a field transport speed of 9 mph and a road transport speed of 17 mph. Such convenience allows the operator to focus more energy toward other field output challenges.

The Frontier™ Round Module Handler

With this feature of the CS690, staging is allowed during or after harvest, making pickup more convenient than ever before. After which, round modules can be moved off the field and onto a standard module truck or flatbed semi-trailer. While four round modules can comfortably fit on a standard module truck, a flatbed trailer can hold up to seven round modules at a time. More convenience and flexibility is delivered to cotton ginners and their truck drivers with the Frontier™ Round Module Handler.

Updated Headers

John Deere has also updated the headers for the CS690 to the 600 series 606SH and 608SH headers with a variety of row spacing options. These new headers embrace a variable-speed, hydraulic-drive cross auger with reverser for steady crop flow. Not only will growers be able to achieve more than 97 percent stripping efficiency, but they will also experience improved harvest visibility.


If you thought that the John Deere 7460 Cotton Stripper was impressive, wait until you try out the improved CS690. Growers have much to look forward to with the CS690 Cotton Stripper, like achieving more cotton per gallon of fuel and lower operating cost per pound of lint. Compared with the 7460, the new machine can cut labor costs by as much as 78 percent. Ultimately, growers will be able to reduce labor costs and harvest more cotton. With continual improvements made to John Deere products, agriculture enthusiasts are able to make the most of their land. 

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