If you want to make sure that you’re always optimally operating your John Deere equipment, you should consult one of the many harvesting guides available on the company site. These guides are designed to give you all of the information to work efficiently and safely out in the field.

Here is an overview of some of the most commonly used harvesting guides for John Deere operators.

1. Interactive Combine Adjustment S-Series Combine

ICA Combines

This guide will help you make sure that your machine settings are appropriately used for harvesting requirements every season.

2. Crop Type Selection

Crop Type Selection

With this harvesting guide, you’ll always know how to select crop type from the GreenStar 3 2630 display on your machine.

3. Combine Adjustment Guide – S-Series

Combine Adjustment Guide

For your S-Series combines, this harvesting guide will give you insight into how to check everything from tailings to your grain tank sample.

4. HarvestSmart Feedrate Control


With the FeedRate Control guide, you’ll learn how to use HarvestSmart at varying ground speeds. Additionally, you’ll find out how to maintain a constant feed rate.

5. Yield Calibration Procedure

Yield Calibration

The Yield Calibration Procedure harvesting guide will give you all of the information you need for weight calibration with your S-Series combine.

6. 600FD Active Header Height Control

Header Height Control

Not sure how to adjust the height of the header on your 600FD Flexible Draper? This guide has everything you need.

7. S-Series Combines Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Guide

When it comes time to clean your S-Series combines, you’ll want to make sure you have this insightful, photo-filled guide on hand.

8. S-Series Combines (S550, S660 – S690) Cleaning Guide

S550 Cleaning Guide

Make sure you have the proper cleaning instructions for your particular S-Series combine. This guide will help you efficiently maintain your equipment.

9. W & T-Series Combines Cleaning Guide

W&T Cleaning Guide

For all of the details you need to know about cleaning your W & T-Series Combines from John Deere, you’ll want to have this harvesting guide on hand. It includes information on the W540, W550, W650, W660, T550, T560, T660 and T670 models.

10. CP690 Cotton Picker Maintenance Cleaning Guide

CP690 Cleaning Guide

As you look to maintain your CP690 Cotton Picker over the years, consult this harvesting guide for all of the specifics.

11. CS690 Cotton Stripper Maintenance and Cleaning Guide


The CP690 Cotton Stripper requires different maintenance than the Cotton Picker, so be sure to have this harvesting guide on hand for reference.

12. 9 Series Premium Round Baler Monitor

ISO Monitor

If you own a 469 or 569 Premium Round Baler from John Deere, you’ll want this harvesting guide to learn everything about your new machine and its features.

13. Tractor Baler Automation

Baler Automation

To take advantage of the baler automation feature on your machine, make sure you have this guide for all of the steps you need.

Regardless of the John Deere equipment you use, having a harvesting guide on hand can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

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