During the cotton harvesting season, long days of rolling through the cotton field can lead to dirty machines. Of course, from an aesthetic perspective, this isn’t ideal, but more importantly, leaving cotton debris unattended in various parts of the cotton harvester can lead to risk of fires, worn down components, and a decrease in efficiency.


To help John Deere cotton harvester owners avoid these risks and keep their machines clean this harvesting season, we’ve put together a brief video gallery. Always remember, before carrying out any routine inspections or cleaning, set the parking brake, shut off the engine, and remove the key. Enjoy!

John Deere GoCotton: CP690 Cleaning Guidelines

Regular and thorough cleaning of cotton harvesting equipment, combined with routine maintenance checks, greatly decreases the risk of fire, reduces downtime, and improves field productivity. This video focuses on some important safety tips, offers where to find information pertaining to cleaning a CP690, and even includes some general cleaning best practices to remember during the process. For more information cleaning guidelines, watch the complete video clip!

John Deere GoCotton: CS690 Cleaning Header

The header can become filled with debris from the fields in a hurry, making it one of the most critical parts of the equipment to clean during the cotton harvest. This video provides a step-by-step overview of the cleaning procedure for the CS690 and 606SH/608SH cotton stripper header. Watch this video to get a visual look at the process to ensure no spots are missed during the next header cleaning.

John Deere GoCotton: CP690 Cleaning Row Units

Taking time at the start of the day and after hours of operation to thoroughly lubricate and clean the row units on the cotton harvester will maintain optimal picking efficiency, crop cleanliness, and quality. Watch this video clip to see a start-to-finish overview of the cleaning procedure for Pro-16 Row Unit on the CP690.

John Deere GoCotton: C690 Cleaning Rear Axle and Cooling Package

During the cotton harvest, debris could very well collect on the handler position sensor and link at the rear of the machine. Additionally, it’s important to check the rear axle, steering linkage, and universal joint housings for lint and other debris, then clean accordingly. This video covers some important aspects of this process and is a valuable source for those looking to clean the rear of their machine.

John Deere GoCotton: C690 Cleaning Engine Compartment

Debris can easily become trapped inside the machine’s engine compartment, causing damage to the engine and reducing the overall integrity of the machine. Watch this video to learn the steps that should be taken once the covers have been removed from the areas of the engine that are to be cleaned.

Hopefully these videos will be of assistance this cotton harvesting season as debris builds up from all the hard work being done in the fields. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook

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