At MiCa Enterprises, getting the job done safely and efficiently each day has been key since starting up in 1991. With a primary focus on power plants and mines, it is vital that the equipment that is used can stand up to any task. As a John Deere customer, this company sees a range of benefits from machines such as motor graders, water trucks, and the 670G LC Excavator.

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Watch the videos below to learn more about MiCa Enterprises and how its workers and equipment are able to handle anything that’s thrown their way.

Lagniappe | MiCa Enterprises

As President of MiCa Enterprises, Mike Cagle has taken what he has learned about construction and farming over the years and put this knowledge towards his business. Despite working in wet conditions, Cagle and his team have benefitted from the durability of John Deere equipment. When service is needed, the team relies on Doggett Heavy Machinery Services in Longview, TX in order to keep everything running smoothly each day.

John Deere 670G Excavator | MiCa Enterprises

In order to boost productivity while moving large amounts of dirt each day, Doggett suggested the introduction of the John Deere 670G excavator with an 84-inch bulkhead and 6-and-a-half-yard bucket. Despite being a large piece of equipment, Cagle points out that this machine responds as quickly as a smaller bucket 470G Excavator would, helping the team complete each job as efficiently as possible, especially in softer ground conditions.

With the help of John Deere equipment and Doggett Heavy Machinery Services, MiCa Enterprises has been able to tackle the toughest jobs even while working in wet conditions. By employing the right machinery, Cagle and his team know that they can fulfill their customers’ needs straight away.

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