To enhance its offering of 6R Tractors, John Deere has added the 6230R and 6250R models to its lineup. These tractors are faster, stronger and smarter and excel in everything from hauling to loader work. The new models are packed full of new levels of power and premium features. Operators who work in hauling hay, forage, and slurry will have no trouble with one of these tractors on hand. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of these 6R tractors.

CommandCenter Display

The 6230R and 6250R both have Generation 4 CommandCenter displays. These displays give operators all of the information they need to maintain and utilize their machinery throughout the workday. They are also able to spot problems from afar and troubleshoot as soon as possible, reducing downtime and ultimately boosting productivity.

Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) System

These tractors have IVT systems, which use a combination of mechanical and hydrostatic power. This means that there is continuous power across an infinitely variable range of speed. It’s easy to operate, and four mechanical modes are designed to reduce fuel consumption and provide optimum performance.

CommandPRO Joystick

The 6230R and 6250R both have an optional CommandPRO joystick that combines a unique driving strategy with 11 reconfigurable controls. Its intuitive design is meant to make operating the machine a breeze.

Rear-Mounted Selective Control Valves (SCVs)

These machines have up to six SCVs or five SCVs plus Power Beyond to control any rear implement. The SCVs can be controlled electrically, and all mechanical and electrical SCVs feature four positions: neutral, raise, lower, and float.

ComfortView Cab

The 6230R and 6250R have ComfortView cabs for the utmost comfort for operators during the workday. These cabs feature a modern, automotive-style instrument panel as base equipment for familiarity. The instrument pod has two large analog dials for engine and tractor speed, in addition to two smaller dials that display fuel level, diesel exhaust fluid, and coolant temperature.

PowerTech PVS/PSS Stage 4 Engine

All John Deere 6R Series Tractors feature PowerTech PVS 6.8L and PSS 4.5L and 6.8L engines. These engines include series turbochargers (PSS) air-to-air after cooling and a variable geometry turbocharger. They also feature a high-pressure common rail fuel system.

If you have any questions about the 6230R or 6250R tractors, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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