John Deere has announced that it is expanding the top end of its 4-Series Sprayers with the introduction of two new pieces of equipment: the R4060 Sprayer and R4045 Sprayer. Both models will come standard with CommandDrive beginning with Model Year 2020.

Both of these 4-Series Sprayers are designed for large, broad-acre cropping systems and high-volume applications. The CommandDrive hydrostatic all-wheel-drive powertrain will also give operators the power they need to trek through even the toughest terrain.

“This new powertrain will help farmers and ag service providers cover more acres quickly and efficiently,” said Lindsey Pollock, product manager for sprayers for John Deere. “We know time is often the critical factor in most field applications, no matter the crop or season, with very tight application windows. The R4060 and redesigned R4045 can help operators traverse wide-ranging field conditions and hilly terrain in order to make accurate applications faster and more comfortably than before.”

Additionally, the R4045 Sprayer comes with dry spinner spreader compatibility for even more efficiency and productivity out in the field.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of these 4-Series Sprayers and how they can help you tackle the task at hand.

CommandView III Cab

With the CommandView III cab, operators can easily control the sprayer with the redesigned CommandARM control panel and multifunction handle, which has six reconfigurable buttons. The ComfortCommand seat also provides top-of-the-line comfort for a smooth ride all day long.

Load Command System

The Load Command system allows operators to load at speeds as fast as 1500L/min, which allows more time for spraying and the utmost efficiency on the job.

120-ft. Boom

The 120-foot boom with swing-link suspension eliminates the need for additional passes through the field. The boom is also more stable, thanks to a swing link suspension. More stability ultimately translates into additional productivity out in the field.

Solution Command System

The Solution Command System allows for complete automation at the load station with a 12-button keypad. The features include fill station light on/off, pump on/off, agitation, pump speed increase, pump speed decrease, and much more.

ExactApply System

The ExactApply system ensures that droplet size is consistent for the most precise application possible. It also varies the rate across the boom, which ensures the desired application rate.

If you have any questions about the John Deere R4060 or R4045, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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