To assist producers who want to cover more acres efficiently throughout the workday, Deere has introduced new updates to the John Deere 9 Series Tractors. The lineup will now include the wheeled 9R, two-track 9RT, and four-track 9RX Tractors. The goal of these machines is to help farmers cross off more items on their to-do list each day in a quick, effective manner while out in the field.

“Farmers will appreciate the added low-end torque and lugging ability of the all-new, John Deere PowerTech 13.6 L diesel engine. This engine powers models with 390 to 590 horsepower and runs with 50% less engine noise. It’s also easier to perform routine maintenance on,” said Ryan Jardon, product marketing manager for John Deere. “Our largest tractors, the 9R 640 and 9RX 640, are powered by a Cummins 15 L diesel engine.”

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the updates to the John Deere 9 Series Tractors and how producers can take advantage of them.

Strengthened Components

The John Deere 9 Series Tractors now have strengthened and improved undercarriage, axle, and front-frame components. This means that farmers have to worry less about costly repairs and downtime with machinery that is made to last. Rear-axle load ratings on John Deere Scraper Special 9R and 9RX Tractors were upped to 26,500 pounds. Additionally, the strengthening of these components has boosted the weight of the tractor and the maximum available ballast up to 67,000 pounds.

Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

The IPM of the John Deere 9 Series Tractors provides up to 50 extra horsepower, depending on the gear that is in use. It’s perfect for farmers who may be attempting to work over large hills or other types of tough terrain.

JDLink Connectivity

All of the tractors have JDLink connectivity, which gives producers the opportunity to keep a close eye on analytics as they work. With this data, they can make adjustments to machinery from a remote location and ultimately boost their efficiency throughout the workday.

Ultimate Comfort

The optional Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package that is available to customers ensures that they have a smooth ride every time they hop in the tractor. It comes with footrests, a heated, ventilated massaging seat that swivels, and a refrigerator. Visibility is also never a problem directly from the cab.

To learn more about the latest updates to the John Deere 9 Series Tractors, watch the video below!

If you have any questions about the updates to the John Deere 9 Series tractors, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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