When you’re harvesting hay each season, you know you need reliable agricultural equipment to get the job done. John Deere’s 972 Flail Chopper is one you might want to take into consideration.

Benefits of the John Deere 972 Flail Chopper

The 972 Flail Chopper has several benefits, ranging from an adjustable discharge spout and easy-to-change gauge wheels. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features and how it can help you out in the field.

Makes Excellent Grass Silage

Because of its wide cutting width, the 972 Flail Chopper makes high-quality grass silage.

Simple, Rugged Construction

The mainframe of the 972 Flail Chopper has a welded design, which provides more structural resistance.

Chops Light Brush

The wide cutting width of the 972 Flail Chopper allows it to chop light brush with ease. This means that you’ll have no trouble moving through your field during the harvest.

Clips Pastures

If you’re working out in a pasture, the 972 Flail Chopper is the piece of equipment you’ll want to have on hand. Clipping will not slow you down when you’re working with this machine.

Reinforced Hinges

The design of the 972 Flail Chopper’s door allows for easy access to the auger. Additionally, there are three reinforced hinges in place to reduce the chances of breakage.

Automatic Slip Clutch Release

The slip clutch of the 972 Flail Chopper is designed to release the load and reengage automatically.

John Deere 972 Flail Chopper Key Features and Specifications

Before you decide to invest in a new piece of agricultural equipment, it’s important to understand all of its key features. Let’s take a closer look at some of the 972 Flail Chopper’s benefits.

Cutting Width

The cutting width of the 972 Flail Chopper is six feet wide, which makes it optimal for everything from pasture clipping to chopping brush.

Double-Edged Rotor Knives

The rotor knives of this flail chopper ensure that you get a uniform cut across the forage every time.

Adjustable Discharge Spout

The discharge spout of the 972 Flail Chopper can be easily adjusted from the tractor, giving operators control over both direction and speed.


The speed of the auger — 300 rpm — delivers the material into the cutterhead more efficiently as you work.


The 972 Flail Chopper comes with three rotary knives in the cutterhead, and they are all adjustable for a longer lifespan.

Slip Clutch

The slip clutch is designed to release the load and automatically reengage. This protects the equipment’s components in the event of an obstruction or overload.

Rear Axle

Because the rear axle is made of four-by-four-inch steel, operators can rest assured that it was constructed to last.

Changing Wheels

Changing the wheels of the 972 Flail Chopper is a breeze, thanks to the square axle of the machine, which has jackstand supports.


The mainframe of the flail chopper is welded for structural resistance. The hood is also 40 percent thicker than the hood on the previous 16A Flail Chopper.

Category 2 Hitch

The Category 2 hitch of the 972 Flail Chopper makes it easy to hook up to the tractor you’re using out in the field.

Increase Productivity with John Deere Hay Harvesting Equipment

Interested in purchasing hay harvesting equipment for your farm? Explore our inventory of hay harvesting equipment near you or contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.

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