As a part of the 7010 tractor series, the John Deere 7710 row crop tractor has continued to deliver over the years with its power and durability. This four-wheel drive tractor was initially manufactured beginning in the 1990s. Customers turn to this versatile machine for a variety of farm and ranch tasks such as spraying, mowing and cultivating.

What is a Row Crop Tractor?

A row crop tractor is a beneficial piece of machinery for agricultural professionals who need assistance pulling and pushing heavy implements. From plowing to spraying, a row crop tractor can handle a wide array of tasks in the field.

What is the John Deere 7710?

The John Deere 7710 is a row crop tractor that was manufactured through the early 2000s. Its highlights included a pressure and flow-compensated hydraulic system, a four-wheel drive option, and the John Deere 6081T engine.

What is the John Deere 7710 Used For?

The John Deere 7710 is invaluable for the delicate work of maneuvering through and around crops while performing tasks like plowing, cultivating, and spraying. In addition, the robust maximum power output of its engine and peak torque make it a valuable piece of equipment.

What Are the Key Features of the John Deere 7710?

The John Deere 7710 has several key features that make it attractive to a wide range of buyers. Let’s take a look at what customers can expect when it comes to this row crop tractor.

Rear Wheel “Tight Fit” Rim Design

The rear wheel “tight fit” rim design of the John Deere 7710 maximizes its potential and versatility as a row crop tractor by maintaining its maneuverability.

“Full Coverage” Wider Front MFWD Fender

The John Deere 7710 is known for its mechanical front-wheel drive fender, which provides an ample amount of traction, even on the most challenging terrain.

“No Hitch” Tractor Options

This row crop tractor has “no hitch” options but is fully capable of handling implements at both the front and rear to take on a wide array of projects.

ComfortGard™ Cab Improvements

The ComfortGard™ Cab of the John Deere 7710 reduces operator fatigue with features such as climate control and a high-efficiency clean air filter. The cab itself is also completely sealed and pressurized, reducing noise while keeping out dust and debris.

3 Available Types of Transmissions

There are three types of transmission available for the John Deere 7710. The 16×16 PowrQuad partial powershift transmission allows operators to shift gears seamlessly without clutching. The 19×7 PowerShift transmission offers 19 forward gears and seven reverse gears with a wet disc clutch type. With the 20×20 AutoQuad transmission, customers can expect 20 reverse gears and 20 forward gears, as well as a wet disc clutch type.

Closed-Center, Pressure, and Flow Compensated Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the John Deere 7710 has nine pistons. It uses a variable displacement axial-piston pump with a flow of 26 gallons per minute. Additionally, its hydraulic pressure reaches 2900 psi.

What Are the Key Specs of the John Deere 7710?

Some of the key specs of the John Deere 7710 include its John Deere 6081T engine, which operates with six cylinders. It also has a torque speed of 1400rpm, and a fuel tank capacity of 71.5 liters. The PowrQuad transmission comes standard on this machine, offering 16 forward gears and 16 reverse gears.

What Horsepower is a John Deere 7710?

The 7710 has a rated engine horsepower of 155 (115.6 kW), meaning it can tackle even the toughest jobs with ease.

What Engine is in a John Deere 7710?

This row crop tractor has a John Deere 6081T engine, which features six cylinders and operates on diesel. It has a displacement of 496 cubic inches and an operating speed range up to 2100rpm.

What is the Power Take-Off (PTO) of the John Deere 7710?

The PTO of the John Deere 7710 is independent and provides up to 135 horsepower. It features hydraulic wet discs and can reach a speed of up to 1000rpm.

Uses For the John Deere 7710

There are several uses for this row crop tractor, and the extensive features of the John Deere 7710 prove why it’s been popular throughout the decades.


This row crop tractor has the ability to move heavy implements with ease, making it ideal for tasks ranging from plowing to harrowing out in the field.


Row crop tractors like the 7710 are calibrated for more ground lift, even row spacing, and maneuverability. This makes the process of cultivating easier than ever before.


Because of the seamless row spacing ability of the John Deere 7710, this row crop tractor can handle necessary spraying throughout the season.


With the option of four-wheel drive, the John Deere 7710 can be the perfect row crop tractor if you want to make mowing quicker and easier.

If you have any questions about John Deere’s row crop tractors, or how to get your own, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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