When you’re on the hunt for lawn and grounds care or agricultural equipment to help you manage the challenges of winter, you know you can count on John Deere. With its line of snowblower attachments, you can find exactly what you need to handle the biggest snowstorms of the season.

John Deere SB13 Series Snowblowers

What is a Snowblower Attachment?

A snowblower attachment can be added to a piece of equipment, such as a lawn and garden tractor or a row crop or utility tractor, to give it the ability to move snow. Typically, its pitch and rotation can be adjusted to direct snow away from your property.

What are Snowblower Attachments Used for?

Snowblower attachments are helpful for removing large amounts of snow after a big storm, and they can be especially beneficial when handling heavy, wet snow. These attachments can be used on both roads and sidewalks.

How Do You Attach a John Deere Snowblower?

Snowblowers from John Deere can typically be attached via the iMatch™ Quick-Hitch Systems. These allow operators to convert the three-point hitch to fixed hooks and attach points easily.

How Do You Remove a Snowblower From a John Deere Tractor?

The snowblower removal process will depend on your tractor and snowblower models. However, you will likely begin by lowering the snowblower and then removing the chute mount bracket. After loosening the knob to remove the chute and hardware, you can also remove the bracket. Next, remove the snowblower belt from the tractor before pulling out the L pins on each side of the hitch. Then, remove the front hitch rod, and disconnect and remove the rear lift bracket.

4 Types of John Deere Snowblower Attachments

1. Frontier™ Pull-Type Snowblowers

Frontier™ Pull-Type Snowblowers attach to a 3-Point hitch on your John Deere equipment, but unlike other rear-mounted snowblowers, Frontier™ Pull-Type snowblowers allow you to drive forward while clearing snow. These snowblowers match with John Deere equipment with a 3-Point hitch or iMatch™ Quick-Hitch with between 25 and 55 PTO horsepower.

The 2 Models of the Frontier™ Pull-Type Snowblower

There are two models of Frontier™ pull-type snowblowers from the SB11P series that you may want to consider for the winter season ahead: the SB1164P and SB1174P.


The SB1164P has a working width of 64 inches and a PTO of up to 50 horsepower. With a 3-point Category 1 hitch system, it’s also easy to attach. This snowblower offers 245 degrees of chute rotation.


The SB1174P comes with a working width of 74 inches and offers a PTO of up to 65 horsepower. It can be easily attached with its 3-point Category 1 hitch system, and its steel skid shoes are both adjustable and replaceable.

What Are the Features of Frontier™ Pull-Type Snowblowers?

Frontier™ Pull-Type Snowblowers come with several features which make them some of the most reliable, durable snowblowers on the market.

Adjustable Chute Deflector

The chute deflector of these snowblowers can be adjusted at the base or via a built-in hydraulic system. By being able to adjust the direction of the deflector, the snowblower can be especially effective while working around buildings or on city streets.

245° Chute Rotation (Manual or Hydraulic)

Customers can opt for either manual or hydraulic chute rotation when they purchase their snowblower. The ability to rotate the chute 245 degrees gives operators the power to blow snow in the direction they choose with ease.

Adjustable and Replaceable Steel Skid Shoes

The skid shoes of Frontier™ Pull-Type Snowblowers are composed of steel, and they are adjustable and replaceable. These prevent damage by raising the cutting edge off of the ground, and replacing the skid shoes can extend the life of the snowblower.

iMatch™ Quick Hitch Compatible

These snowblowers are Category 1 and iMatch™ compatible for quick and easy attachment.

2. SB11 Series Snowblowers

The SB11 series snowblower attachments range in size from 48 to 94 inches and match with compact and small utility tractors with up to 90 PTO horsepower.

The 6 Models of the SB11 Series Snowblower

There are six models of SB11 snowblowers, and each of them comes with a wide array of features to suit customer needs.


The SB1148 has a working width of 48 inches and can offer up to 35 horsepower. With a Category 1 hitch system, it’s quick and easy to attach.


With a working width of 54 inches, the SB1154 also provides up to 35 horsepower and can be quickly attached with its Category 1 hitch system.


The SB1164 has a working width of 64 inches and offers a maximum of 50 horsepower. Similarly, it can be attached with a Category 1 hitch system.


The 74-inch working width of the SB1174 makes it ideal for removing large amounts of snow, boasting up to 50 horsepower.


The 84-inch working width of the SB1184 has both a Category 1 and 2 hitch system, and it can provide up to 90 horsepower.


The SB1194 has a working width of 94 inches and operates at up to 90 horsepower. It can be attached with its Category 2 hitch system.

What Are the Features of the SB11 Series Snowblowers?

The SB11 line of snowblowers has several features that make them ideal for small and large snowstorms alike. Let’s take a look at them below.

Chute Deflector for Easy Snow Removal

The manual and hydraulic chute deflectors can make it easy to deflect snow while working around buildings or on tight streets.

Easily Adjustable Chute Rotation

Chute rotation adjustments can be easily made by the operator within the tractor as needed.

Multiple Hitch Capabilities for Different Uses

Because the line of SB11 Series Snowblowers has different hitch capabilities, they can be used for a wide array of purposes throughout the winter.

Optional Hydraulic Cylinder Chute Deflector Available on Select Models

On select models, customers can opt for a hydraulic cylinder chute deflector. This makes it easier to tackle packed snow and direct it away from buildings more accurately.

Impeller Blade Provides Fast Snow Removal

The four impeller blades included in this line of snowblowers allow operators to move snow faster and more efficiently.

Skid Shoes are Adjustable for Increased Life and Durability

The steel skid shoes are adjustable, meaning operators can benefit from increased durability over time.


3. Frontier™ 3-Point Snowblowers

The SB12 series and SB13 series range in size from 74 to 102 inches. These durable snowblower attachments match with utility or row crop tractors with up to 150 PTO horsepower.

The 7 Models of the Frontier™ 3-Point Snowblower

There are seven models of Frontier™ 3-Point Snowblowers, each with its own array of benefits for customers looking to simplify snow removal this winter.


This snowblower has a working width of 74 inches and packs up to 80 horsepower. It also includes a Category 1 and 2 hitch system.


The SB1280 snowblower has a working width of 80 inches and also has Category 1 and 2 hitch systems. It boasts up to 80 horsepower as well.


With the SB1308R, operators get a working width of 98 inches and up to 150 horsepower. Category 2 and 3 hitch systems come with this snowblower.


The SB1309R has a working width of 104 inches and provides up to 150 horsepower. It also has Category 2 and 3 hitch systems.


The SB1388 offers up to 95 horsepower and a working width of 88 inches. Customers can take advantage of its Category 2 hitch system.


The SB1388R also has a working width of 88 inches and provides up to 95 horsepower. Its Category 2 hitch system makes it easy to attach.


With up to 125 horsepower and a working width of 92 inches, the SB1392R can tackle large amounts of snow in a short period of time.

Features of Frontier™ 3-Point Snowblowers

Frontier™ 3-Point Snowblowers have several features that make them both versatile and efficient during the winter months.

Multiple Hitch Capabilities

Whether you have a snowblower with a Category 1 hitch capability or a Category 3-point hitch, these models can be used for a wide range of winter tasks.

Hydraulic Drum Rotation

The hydraulic drum rotation option that is available on select models allows operators to discharge snow at a greater distance with less horsepower.

Hydraulic Chute Deflector

The hydraulic chute deflector of Frontier™ 3-Point Snowblowers makes it easier for operators to move snow around buildings or on narrow streets.

Gearbox Reducer Kit

With the gearbox reducer kit in place, operators can lower their input speed while utilizing the same amount of torque, maximizing efficiency.

Durable Cutting Edge

The durable cutting edges of these snowblowers are designed to stand the test of time while working on hard terrain.

Field-Installed Cutting Edge Kits

With a field-installed cutting-edge kit, customers can scrape ice that may be layered beneath the snow.

Adjustable Skid Shoes

The adjustable skid shoes of Frontier™ 3-Point Snowblowers ensure that they stand the test of time, as well as the challenges of working in snow and ice.

4. Frontier™ Loader-Mount Snowblowers

The SB21 Series known for being durable loader-mount snowblowers have just the right precision and durability to get the job done. The 64-inch SB2164 can be used with a John Deere 3 Series Tractor, and the 76-inch SB2176 matches with John Deere 4 Series Tractors.

The 2 Models of the Frontier™ Loader-Mount Snowblower

Both models of Frontier™ Loader-Mount Snowblowers, the SB2164 and SB2176 provide a wide array of benefits to customers.


The SB2164 has a working width of up to 64 inches and can be used with the 300 Series Loader.


Compatible with the 400 Series Loader, the SB2176 offers a working width of up to 76 inches.

What Are the Features of Frontier™ Loader-Mount Snowblowers?

The Frontier™ Loader-Mount Snowblowers provide several features that can benefit any customer who works with snow all winter long.

Discharge Chute Deflection

The discharge chute can be manually adjusted to meet the needs of operators who are looking for accuracy when deflecting snow.

Field-Installed Drift Cutters Kits

Field-installed drift cutters kits can be especially helpful for customers who often work with snow that is taller than the blower itself. They direct snow down to the blower in order for it to be redirected.

Discharge Chute Rotation As Base Equipment

With discharge chute rotation, operators can easily direct the snow that exits the chute while they work.

Torque-Controlled Impeller Moves Snow Easily

The impeller of these snowblowers is controlled by the amount of torque applied during the job. When maximum torque is sensed, the operator is notified to slow ground speed.

If you have any questions about how John Deere’s line of snowblowers, or how to get one of your own to make your winter snow-removal chores easier, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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