When you’re searching for a combine that can provide all of the power you need to take on the challenges of long workdays, you know you can count on John Deere. The company specializes in manufacturing agricultural equipment to suit the needs of farmers who work with a wide range of crops. If you’ve been looking for a combine with the latest features and enough horsepower to tackle multiple acres per day, the John Deere X9 1000 Combine might be the machine for you. With everything from a folding grain tank to a ProDrive™ XL Transmission, you can’t go wrong with this combine.

John Deere X9 1000 Combine

What is the John Deere X9 1000?

The John Deere X9 1000 is a combine that provides an average of 45% more harvesting capacity, regardless of the crop type, while maintaining grain quality. The X9 1000 utilizes a simplified belt-drive system with large pulleys and robust belts. This system improves power distribution and gives the belt a longer life.

What Can the John Deere X9 1000 Do? 

The John Deere X9 1000 is a part of the X Series from Deere, meaning it is specifically designed to reduce fuel costs by up to 20 percent per harvested bushel. The enhanced grain tank sample and residue spread also makes for a more efficient harvest season. In addition, with a 36 percent larger cleaning shoe, agricultural producers can maintain efficiency while working with high-foreign-matter crops — this means less loss. The X9 1000 can also spread residue uniformly up to 50 feet, and residue size can be adjusted directly from the cab.

Important Features of the John Deere X9 1000

There are several notable features that can only be found on the John Deere X9 1000, separating it from other combines on the market. Ranging from its ample amount of horsepower to its fuel efficiency, many of this model’s features can’t be beaten.

420-Bushel Power Folding Grain Tank

The folding grain tank of this combine can handle up to 420 bushels. Additionally, no tools are required to clean out the grain tank, meaning operators can quickly remove their existing crop before moving on to the next.

JDLink™ Modem

The John Deere X9 1000 features JDLink™ telematics so operators can stay continuously connected to John Deere Connected Support. This allows them to resolve any issues that arise more quickly, reducing downtime. On average, downtime is decreased by 20 percent with these solutions. John Deere Connected Support also allows operators to remotely view their in-cab display and monitor machine health from afar.

7-m2 (75-sq ft) Dyna-Flo™ XL Cleaning Shoe

The 75-square-foot Dyna-Flo™ XL Cleaning Shoe of the John Deere X9 1000 provides 36 percent more cleaning area, allowing operators to handle everything from thin crops to wet crops. This prevents downtime as a result of changing conditions during the workday.

ProDrive™ XL Transmission

The ProDrive™ XL Transmission consists of two motors, which are designed to improve power transfer while working at average harvesting speeds. As a result, operators can travel up to 25 miles per hour while moving between fields. On average, the combine can run for approximately 14 hours without stopping, and operators can save up to 20 percent on fuel costs.

Powerful D14 (13.6 L, 830-cu in.) Engine

The John Deere PowerTech™ Final Tier 4 Engine of the X9 1000 has a rated horsepower of 549 HP, as well as a rated speed of 1900 rpm. Because of its fuel efficiency, operators can expect to be able to utilize the combine for up to 14 hours on any given workday.

Combine Advisor™ Package

The Combine Advisor™ Package is designed to adjust all five harvesting settings of the John Deere X9 1000 to help operators handle changing conditions. This reduces grain loss and improves quality.

Leather Seat with Massage, Heating and Cooling, Electronic Controls, and Increased Left and Right Swivel

The cab of the X9 1000 comes with features such as a comfortable leather seat, boasting massage, heating, and cooling settings. Operators will also enjoy electronic controls, as well as increased swivel up to 16 degrees in both the left and right directions. Other conveniences include five cup holders, an iPad tablet mount, and USB and power ports.

CommandARM™ Controls

The CommandARM™ controls of this combine are color-coded and feature easy-to-read icons, making operation simple. Frequently used functions can even be programmed into the controls for more efficiency.

ActiveSeat™ Suspension

The ActiveSeat™ Suspension of the X9 1000 is based on an electric motor that responds to bumps and jolts. This makes for a more comfortable ride throughout even the longest workdays.

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Key Specs of the John Deere X9 1000

The John Deere X9 1000 has several key specs that separate it from its competitors, making it the go-to option for many agricultural professionals.

630 Max Engine Horsepower

The PowerTech™ Final Tier 4 Engine of the X9 1000 has a maximum horsepower of 630 HP. This means that operators never have to worry about lacking power to handle difficult conditions.

4.6 bu/s Peak Unload Rate

The 4.6 bu/s unload rate of the John Deere X9 1000 makes it easier to handle large loads, and the combine itself can unload 100 times or more daily with its larger heads.

Handles Up To 100 tons/hr of Wheat or 253,721.3 L (7200 bu) Per Hour of High-Yielding Corn

With a 23 percent wider feeder house compared to previous models, the X9 1000 can handle up to 100 tons of wheat per hour. With increased rotor threshing, operators can harvest in challenging conditions effortlessly.

549 hp Rated

The rated horsepower of this combine is 549HP, making it ideal for tackling difficult jobs out in the field on long workdays.

420 bu Grain Tank

The 420 bu grain tank helps maintain the quality of the crop, and no tools are required for cleanout, giving operators one less thing to worry about as they work.

Commonly-Asked Questions About the John Deere X9 1000

With its many features, customers often have questions about everything the John Deere X9 1000 can accomplish out in the field.

Is the John Deere X9 1000 the Biggest Combine?

The John Deere X9 1000 Combine has the largest grain capacity of all of Deere’s combine models for maximum efficiency.

How Fast Can a John Deere X9 1000 Harvest?

While threshing and separating, the John Deere X9 1000 has a rotor speed maximum of 1,300 rpm. Its engine has an overall rated speed of 1,900 rpm.

How Much HP Does the John Deere X9 1000 Have?

The rated power of the X9 1000 is 549 HP, and its maximum engine horsepower is 630 HP. This means it can tackle tough conditions, as well as the challenges of varying crops during harvesting.

Final Thoughts About the John Deere X9 1000

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your combine or you need a new machine to handle the evolving challenges of the harvest season, the John Deere X9 1000 might be the perfect solution. With its PowerTech™ Final Tier 4 Engine, operators never have to worry about lacking power in difficult harvesting conditions. Its fuel efficiency also means more productivity during the workday, and features like ActiveSeat suspension mean less fatigue for the operator. Connectivity via JDLink™ can also give you peace of mind, knowing you’ll experience less downtime due to unforeseeable issues that may arise as you work. With the StarFire™ 7000 Integrated Receiver, setup, installation, and calibration are also handled at the factory. This means operators will be ready to use their new combine as soon as it arrives.

If you have any questions about the X9 1000 or other combines from John Deere, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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