I thought $17,000 was high.

John Deere 5020 Tractor in a barn
This 1967 JD 5020 tractor with 5,282 hours sold for a new record high auction sale price of $20,100 on a farm auction in Paris, IL on February 25, 2011

That was the sale price paid for the 1971 John Deere 5020 tractor sold on a farm auction billed as the “auction of the decade” in east-central South Dakota back on December 1, 2009. With my 21+ years covering machinery auctions, I’d say the “auction of the decade” billing was accurate. What a day. What a crowd. What a sale.

John Deere 5020 tractor at auction
$17,000 was the former record high auction sale price paid for this 1971 JD 5020 tractor

That 1971 John Deere 5020 tractor had 5,411 hours on it and was in good condition. I thought the $17,000 sale price would remain as the highest auction price I’d see on a 5020 for quite a while. Here’s a pic of that John Deere 5020:

The record lasted not quite 15 months.

My friends Don & Hank Bauer with Bauer Auction Service had a farm estate auction February 25, 2011 near Paris, IL. On this auction was a 1967 Deere 5020 tractor with 5,282 hours. The owner had recently spent $7,000 to overhaul the engine. How much did this 5020 tractor sell for?


More hard proof of a trend I’ve been watching gain speed the last 12-18 months, the new hottest collector tractors? Models from the mid 1960’s to the mid 1970’s, like Deere 5020’s.

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