Agricultural producers will tell you that baling can become a critical part of the job, especially when there is a large number of livestock to care for throughout the year. John Deere has several round balers that are designed to help farmers and livestock managers with this task. Its Zero Series Round Balers include features, such as the MegaWide HC2 high-capacity feed system, which can boost productivity and efficiency. Improved access to service points also makes it easy to manage Deere’s round balers throughout the season. The John Deere 450M is one of the many balers worth considering if you’re on the hunt for one that will help you streamline your operations.

John Deere 450M Round Baler

What is the John Deere 450M Round Baler?

The John Deere 450M is a round baler that comes in both a standard (dry hay) or silage variation. With the MegaWide system in place, this baler is equipped to handle high-volume windrows, even in tough conditions. In turn, operators will benefit from being able to create more bales in a shorter period of time. This baler also comes with seven-inch-wide belts that feature a diamond-tread design. These limit chaffing while preventing slippage during the baling process.

What Can the John Deere 450M Round Baler Do?

The John Deere 450M has several features that make it one of the more versatile round balers on the market. Its vertical forming chamber is designed to maintain the density of each bale, creating consistency and reducing loss. The MegaWide HC2 high-capacity feed system allows operators to work at faster speeds with larger windrows as well, cutting into the time it takes to create bales during the workday.

What Are the Important Features of the John Deere 450M Round Baler?

The John Deere 450M round baler has several features that make it worth considering if you’re looking for a product that is as durable as it is efficient.

MegaWide™ High Capacity and Cutting (HC2) Feeding System

The MegaWide™ High Capacity and Cutting Feeding System comes in two different pre-cutter configurations — four-foot-wide machines have 14 knives, while five-foot-wide machines feature 20 knives. This system boosts capacity with the ability to gather more leaves at a time, streamlining the baling process.

MegaWide™ Plus Pickup with MegaTough™ Pickup Teeth

The MegaWide™ Plus Pickup feature of the John Deere 450M comes with MegaTough™ pickup teeth, which make it easy to retrieve crops for baling. They work to pull crops around the flares while baling wide windrows, ensuring that as much is gathered as possible. The spiral rotor-feed system is also designed to improve feeding, regardless of crop conditions. Operators will enjoy a boost in ground speed and reduced plugging while the baler is in use. The MegaWide™ Plus pickup is self-adjusting as well, and it smooths outcrop for even flow.

Silage Configuration

Customers who opt for the silage configuration will receive a staggered roller-auger kit, a safety screen, and a starter roll-scraper knife. The auger is designed to be placed above the staggered roll on the baler — this prevents wet hay from building up on the roll. The wet crop is driven away from the starter roll as a result of the knife/scraper being mounted on the front of it.

Regular Pickup with Converging Wheels

Hay movement is limited with this model, thanks to its converging wheels. The pickup also hugs the ground, making for cleaner crop retrieval and easier baling. The system is V-belt driven and consists of a large reel shaft and reel bearing. Side flares are integrated to stop hay from blowing away from the pickup ends, ultimately reducing loss. Because the pickup teeth are also closely spaced together, operators will have no issue creating straight-edged bales.

What Are the Key Specs of the John Deere 450M Round Baler?

There are many key specs of the John Deere 450M round baler that customers should take into account prior to investing in this machine. Understanding its specifications can give you a better idea of how it will help you with your specific operation.

35-60 in. Diameter Bale Size

Operators have the option to create bales between 35 and 60 inches in size, giving them more versatility.

1,100 lb Weight Bale Size

Bales up to 1,100 pounds in size can be created with the John Deere 450M. This means that greater volume can be packed into each bale for more efficient feeding.

Hi-flow Standard Baler

This baler is designed to maintain smooth crop pickup and even flow with the configuration of its rotor and teeth.

46 in. Inside and 56 in. Outside Regular Pickup Width

The standard pickup widths of the John Deere 450M round baler are the result of compressor rods, which are contoured to control hay over the pickup radius. Operators can move the compressor rack up or down to accommodate changing volumes of material. Additionally, the rack can be easily removed if needed to ensure that the bale operates smoothly in varying crop conditions.

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Commonly-Asked Questions About the John Deere 450M Round Baler

Because it comes with numerous features, it’s common for customers to have questions about how the 450M round baler can enhance their agricultural or livestock operations.

How Much Horsepower Does a John Deere 450M Need?

The 450M requires a minimum of 55 horsepower, but this jumps to 80 horsepower if the MegaWide High Capacity Cutting and Feeding system is in use.

What Size Tractor is Needed to Run the John Deere 450M Round Baler?

A tractor must be able to provide up to 55 horsepower for the 450M round baler to be used (or 80 horsepower with the MegaWide High Capacity Cutting and Feeding system), as well as a friction clutch. A cutout clutch is necessary when the MegaWide HC2 is in use.

Where To Find John Deere 450M Round Baler?

Agricultural and livestock professionals who are interested in investing in the John Deere 450M round baler can contact their local John Deere dealer.

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