It’s that time of the week again folks!  Last week, the gang over here at MachineFinder brought you the first-ever edition of the new, weekly series ‘Friday Fun!’  We are back this week with the second installment of the series and aim to bring you just as much joy as the last edition. Last week was a bit random and featured an assortment of neat John Deere pictures. We have done a post in the past about John Deere Collectibles, but were going to tweak that a bit. This week’s edition will focus on fun and neat John Deere kids stuff.

John Deere Rocker

John Deere kids rocker


John Deere Sleeping Bag

John Deere sleeping bag


John Deere Loader…for kids of course.

Kids John Deere tractor


John Deere Toy Chests

John Deere kids toy box


John Deere Kids Couch

John Deere kids couch


John Deere Wagon

John Deere kids wagon


John Deere Bicycle

John Deere kids bicycle


Don’t forget about the little guy’s with a Tricycle!

John Deere kids tricycle

Not only do we have these pictures of cool John Deere kids stuff, but also check out this previous post we did titled, ‘John Deere Tractors And The Children Who Love Them’.  Here you will find even more great John Deere pictures to help you sit back and relax for a bit and enjoy the simple things in life.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of everything in the comment section below!

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