Nearly 185 years in the market, John Deere is planting sustainability as firmly as a farmer plants his fields. Just as every seed is vital to the harvest, every eco-friendly endeavor is integral to the company’s green legacy.

It’s more than machinery.

From reducing emissions to embracing renewable energy, John Deere is demonstrating that the road to sustainability can be as innovative as the freshest piece of tech in the barn.

What is John Deere Doing to Promote Sustainability?

John Deere is working on being more sustainable by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, using energy more efficiently, and encouraging agricultural conservation. It has also developed new technologies, like precision agriculture tools, to help farmers lessen their environmental impact. Also, John Deere continues to invest in research to create more sustainable equipment for the farming industry. These efforts show that John Deere is serious about being eco-friendly.

How is John Deere Reducing Its Carbon Footprint?

John Deere is working on creating electric and hybrid-powered equipment to reduce its carbon footprint. They want to lower carbon emissions and use less fossil fuels for a more sustainable future. By 2026, they aim to introduce a fully autonomous battery-powered electric agricultural tractor. John Deere is serious about being environmentally friendly and using cleaner, more efficient technology. Their efforts show they care about being socially responsible and protecting the environment.

How Does John Deere Commit to Its Sustainability Goals?

John Deere is committed to its sustainability goals by setting measurable targets and initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. As per the 2023 Sustainability Report, John Deere is working towards a more sustainable future by delivering 1.5 million connected machines by 2026, increasing crop protection efficiency, and reducing customer CO2 emissions. By focusing on not only its emissions but also those of its customers, John Deere demonstrates a comprehensive approach to sustainability beyond its operations.

What John Deere Sustainability Efforts Have Been Accomplished?

John Deere has made significant strides in their sustainability efforts, with accomplishments such as:

Customer Outcomes

  • Surpassed 1 million acres covered using See & Spray™ technology, which has helped farmers achieve a two-thirds reduction in solution and save over 8 million gallons. 
  • Launched the Milk Sustainability Center through a partnership with DeLaval
  • Enabled U.S. customers to sign up for sustainable programs easily
  • Expanded their more brilliant spray offerings with the acquisition of Smart Apply Inc. 
  • Leveraged Precision Ag technologies to unlock efficiencies in hay and silage production. 
  • Expanded Operations Center to include construction, forestry, and roadbuilding production systems
  • Announced ExactShot™ in-furrow liquid fertilizer system at CES® 2023.

Sustainable Product Development

  • Released 4 electric and 2 hybrid-electric turf and compact utility products
  • Unveiled 2 X-Tier Loaders with E-Drive technology
  • New and updated excavator models
  • Showcased a concept ethanol-burning 9-liter engine at the 2023 AGRITECHNICA 
  • Involved in pilot programs to expand feedstock sources for renewable diesel

Operational Sustainability Efforts

  • Reduced Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by almost 1,200 metric tons of CO2e annually
  • Around 65% of our main suppliers are measuring and publicly reporting their emissions in some categories
  • Reused over 2 million pounds of wood and cut water consumption by nearly 30,000 cubic meters at Dewas and Pune Works compared to 2021

People and Communities

  • Introduced a multiyear people-focused strategy
  • Continued to build our global talent pipeline through various programs
  • Created a DEI Global Advisory Board for impact and accountability
  • Held an Employee Resource Group Leadership Summit
  • Implemented new employee safety programs
  • Supported global food systems with large grants
  • Celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Foundation
  • Supported STEM education for youth in our communities
  • Collaborated on two documentaries for our customers and communities

Get Involved in John Deere’s Sustainability Efforts Today

Getting involved in John Deere’s sustainability efforts can help support initiatives that aim to reduce the company’s environmental footprint, promote sustainable agriculture, and drive innovation in the industry. To learn more about how John Deere can help you make an impact, visit our website.

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