Baseball Field Mowing Patterns

Sports fields are a place of power, aggression, and extreme rivalry. But before the first player walks onto the field the grounds must be pristine and ready. The grass will be stomped on, slid on, and pounded by running feet with no relief, yet it still must maintain its durability and allure. Baseball field mowing patterns are a piece of art created by a skilled team of workers who spend hours preparing the field for a grueling competition. John Deere provides the robust equipment necessary to preserve the field’s longevity and resilience for sports of all varieties.

In the above picture, David Madeiros uses a John Deere A2653A to create a great baseball field mowing pattern in the outfield while Leo Valle cleans up the infield with the John Deere 220A. Now named the Coliseum, the stadium is located in Oakland, California and is home to both the Oakland Athletics and the Oakland Raiders.

The crew uses a cluster of John Deere lawnmowers to alter the field back and forth in the fall when the MLB and NFL seasons overlap each other. Occasionally, the crew must switch the field between a baseball diamond and football field all in the same week! As you can see in the picture below, the crew cuts the grass to be clean and precise when the field is in its baseball diamond form.


Want your yard to look as clean and professional as the Coliseum? It’s not as hard as you may think.  Here are some tips from a previous post to help you get your lawn looking professional.  After checking those out, watch the how-to project below and you’ll learn just how simple it is to make gorgeous stripes with a John Deere lawnmower.

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