We want to take a moment and give a warm, special thanks to all the customers who have written in during our first two weeks with the new site operational. Customer feedback is essential to our bringing you the best possible website.

First we should address our website’s performance during the early going. When we launched last week, you might have noticed the site was dragging at times, and fast the next. We have resolved most of these issues and we apologize for any problems you may have had during that time. We are still experiencing some rare slowdowns, but for the most part the site is good and we’re still working to optimize the site for best possible speed.

Also we’ve had some great suggestions from customers about some small changes we can make to the site to make your MachineFinder experience even better. These include:

  • Subcategory search on the main search pages, rather than waiting until the search results page to display that option.
  • A “Next” button at the bottom of search results, rather than just at the top. That way you don’t have to scroll to the top of the results to jump to the next set of results.
  • Defaulted and more clear distance sorting features.

We know the site changed, and in many cases if you’ve been a loyal MachineFinder user for years you might have to look a little to find your favorite features. However, keep in mind, all our old MachineFinder functionality is still here! We didn’t get rid of any functionality… we only added to what we already offered!

So keep that feedback coming, we really do appreciate it!

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