John Deere 830 Tractor

John Deere tractors are loved by many Americans inside and outside of agricultural professions, and this dedication to the brand can manifest itself in many ways. People in the U.S. support the brand by wearing a hat featuring the iconic jumping deer image to purchasing used farm equipment from the company.

Though the brand’s equipment is pervasive throughout the industry, and the company has been a leading innovator for all types of farm machines, tractors seem to capture the imagination of Americans more than any other product.

Many John Deere tractor enthusiasts put their love for the company’s farm equipment on display through antique tractor events, town parades and restoration club meetings.

However, some fans of the brand choose to literally display their love for the iconic green and yellow farm equipment.

Bruce and Linda Olson do not consider their hobby unique, as they noted that many people display their John Deere tractors around their property. The couple started with a collection of actual farm equipment, but then added a series of model tractors to put on display in their home in Rice, Minnesota, according to the Morrison County Record.

Though they began collecting replica tractors immediately after purchasing an actual John Deere model, they focused their attention on antique farm equipment from the company.

“I try to get to one each year,” Bruce told the news source. “I get them to working condition then have them painted.”

Bruce purchased a number of used John Deere tractors, and with the help of internet databases and the original manuals for the model, he restored the equipment to its original glory, including the exact stickers that were used and a meticulous re-painting of the body to give it an authentic look.

According to the news source, the couple plans to keep purchasing tractors, as Bruce spoke to the pride that he had in his 1956 John Deere model 50. He noted that his favorite restoration project was for a John Deere 830, but it is difficult for him to claim any machine as his overall top choice.

Vintage tractors are restored by people in all regions of the country, but a number of enthusiasts live in Minnesota. According to The Free Press, Mankato residents meet to discuss restoration projects and share tips for how to best go about bringing the used farm equipment to its original luster.

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