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There are a number of Americans who have taken a liking to a certain brand to a whole new level, and in the center of the country, there is one family that has done this with products from one of the most iconic companies in the U.S.

John Deere tractors are some of the most cherished and sought after collectibles in the country, due to the nostalgia that they inspire and the fact that a number of old models are still running with the same power that was present years ago.

Marvin and Linda Keasling have a long history with the iconic green and yellow tractors, as the two have been taking their favorite models from the brand to shows since the 1980s. This hobby began years ago, as she suffered an injury that closed one door, but certainly has opened another, according to the Arkansas City Traveler.

“We square-danced for 27 years, and then I fell on the ice and I couldn’t do it after that,” Linda said. “I said whatever you want to do, I’ll support you.”

So the Arkansas City residents decided to join a regional tractor club, as they both had farming backgrounds and loved products from the large agricultural company. Marvin brought his many models to one meeting and got hooked, leading him to bring his wife, who eventually became secretary of the organization.

Though she has long retired from the role, she takes time to participate in the group’s events, teaching children how to farm at shows and explaining what goes into the maintenance of the massive John Deere tractors.

“I grew up around Dexter, and Mom milked jersey cows,” she said. “We started churning butter for school kids onKansas Day.”

While Marvin started collecting many years before his wife, Linda had to catch up and shortly after joining the club she had amassed quite a collection of tractors. Despite her attempt, she never got to the level of her husband, who noted that some of his favorite machines were mid-century John Deere models.

These include a 1954 John Deere 70, a 1950 John Deere D with a plow, a 1942 John Deere BO orchard tractor, a 1937 John Deere D with a cultivator and several other pieces from the same period.

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