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What Is a Grooming Mower and How Should It Be Used?

May 9, 2017

Grooming mowers commonly feature two or three spindles that allow operators to cut sports fields, public areas, lawns, and other large areas that need to be manicured. These durable implements reduce mowing time without sacrificing performance.

Grooming Mower

Now that we know what a grooming mower is, let’s take a closer look at some of the steps that should be taken when putting it to work.

1. Inspect the Turf Area

Not all turf areas are the best fit for a grooming mower to pass through. However, if you have a large turf area that’s wide enough for the grooming mower to operate, it can be a great piece of equipment to use when trying to keep the grass neat and sharply cut in a timely manner.

The Maryland SoccerPlex and John Deere Turf Equipment – Just for Kicks

February 25, 2016

The Bethesda Premiere Cup is the last event of the season. It’s ultimately the last hurrah, and then the grounds team puts their fields to bed. More than 300 college coaches attend for both the women’s weekend and the men’s weekend, offering players a chance to get noticed by their college of choice and maybe even get a scholarship.

Maryland SoccerPlex

The Maryland SoccerPlex has a story that we want to share with you. You know, just for kicks. Watch these videos and see why John Deere turf equipment is trusted by one of the best.

How Can the John Deere X320 Boost Efficiency Around Your Property?

August 12, 2015

If you’re seeking a tractor that can handle all of the work you need to do around your property throughout the year, look no further than the John Deere X320.

This tractor comes with either a 48-inch or 54-inch deck to suit your needs, and it has heavy-duty transmission for all of the jobs around the yard. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the John Deere X320.

Extra Maneuverability

This tractor has a small turning radius for tight turning ability, making it easy to mow in even the smallest spaces. Easy steering with an enlarged steering wheel also makes driving the John Deere X320 a breeze.

John Deere Golf A Models: Superior Cuts for Superintendents

February 12, 2015

Today’s golf courses are often times judged from the moment golfers lay their eyes on them. From the tees, to the fairways, to the greens, one thing needs to remain constant: cut quality. Through careful attention to detail on the assembly line and technological innovation, John Deere Golf A Models are designed to provide quality that is a cut above the rest.


From start to finish, these pieces of turf equipment are designed to get the job done efficiently. To show some of the qualities of these mowers that make pristine conditions a reality, we’ve put together a series of videos. Enjoy!

Priming the Playing Field with John Deere Sports Turf Equipment

October 22, 2014

While parks, ball fields, and golf courses all play host to various sporting events, one thing remains constant: the importance of well-maintained turf. Sure, proper procedures can be put in place to make sure the turf is greener on the playing side of the fence, but the equipment used to do so is arguably the most important player.

John Deere Sports Turf Equipment

Let’s take a look at some John Deere sports turf equipment that helps grounds crews make their piece of property the talk of the town when it comes time to host the big event. Enjoy!

Commercial Rotary Mowers

Video Gallery: Spring Is In the Air with John Deere Turf Equipment

February 27, 2014

As the snow begins to disappear, the temperature heats up, and birds start to chirp, it means it’s time to gas up the mower and prepare for another year of lawn maintenance.

John Deere produces a number of makes and models of turf equipment for all lawn-related projects. We’ve put together a gallery highlighting seven pieces John Deere turf equipment, their features, and how they can assist the lawn maintenance process this spring, enjoy!

Commercial Mowers 

John Deere: QuickTrak 600 B Series and R Series Mowers

John Deere QuickTrak mowers with stand-on technology, set the product benchmark with multiple best-in-class aspects.

Interview with Dale VanSlyke, Heritage Tractor: John Deere Dealer Spotlight

February 26, 2014

Dealerships are one of the key components behind what makes John Deere one of the most successful agricultural equipment producers in the world. Without these dealerships (and their employees), equipment or product purchases and servicing would be made next to impossible, crippling the agriculture industry.

Last week, we featured an interview with John Cothren of Grissoms LLC. This time, we had the opportunity to sit down with Dale VanSlyke, location manager of the Harrisonville, Missouri Heritage Tractor store, to better understand what it takes to successfully operate a John Deere dealership.

Heritage Tractor

John Deere Turf Care Division Helps to Show Off Efficiency of Factory 

September 13, 2012

John Deere Turf

The John Deere company has been a mainstay in the American corporate world and agricultural sector for more than a hundred years, as the brand has remained ahead of the game due to innovative products and an efficient approach to production.

Since the company had to adjust its production model during wartime periods and several economic recessions, John Deere has developed its factories around innovative manufacturing methods and a tried-and-true approach.

The company is now looking to help other businesses and contractors improve their processes and operations, as it opened up its North Carolina Turf Care factory to a tour for people from a number of sectors.