While parks, ball fields, and golf courses all play host to various sporting events, one thing remains constant: the importance of well-maintained turf. Sure, proper procedures can be put in place to make sure the turf is greener on the playing side of the fence, but the equipment used to do so is arguably the most important player.

John Deere Sports Turf Equipment

Let’s take a look at some John Deere sports turf equipment that helps grounds crews make their piece of property the talk of the town when it comes time to host the big event. Enjoy!

Commercial Rotary Mowers

Rotary Mower

Before a field, park, or golf course becomes a green-colored oasis, it often starts as a plot of land dominated by long, untamed grass and weeds. John Deere’s line of rotary mowers are designed to provide a quick, clean cut, laying the foundation for soon-to-be sports turf. The enclosed-gear drive on the mowers protects the cutterbar so they can cut through tough fields for years to come.

Wide Area and Riding Mowers

Wide Area Mower

After the toughest field conditions have been eliminated, it’s then time for secondary cutting of the turf in a speedy fashion. Enter: Deere’s selection of wide area mowers, which are designed to help turf pros take care large areas of green as simply, efficiently, and profitably as possible. Thanks to a number of ergonomic features, these mowers are suited to be hard on the turf, and easy on operators. For tighter-to-navigate spaces, Deere’s complete line of riding mowers offers a number of options suitable to get the job done.



Putting the finishing touches on a ball field infield or a bunker on a new golf course requires delicate touch and optimal maneuverability. Deere’s 1200 and 1200A bunker and field rakes each offer features that will allow the grounds crew to polish the field or course to perfection.

Aeration Equipment

Aeration Equipment

Aeration is a process that’s practiced in the fall or spring depending on the type of turf and its purpose. While the timing of aeration fluctuates, the positive impact on overall turf quality remains unquestioned. John Deere’s aerators are easy to handle, can be used on undulated surfaces, and hole spacing can be adjusted on the fly, making them a grounds keeper’s best-friend.

Utility Tractors

Utility Tractor

Building, maintaining, and restoring sports turf can call for a dynamic blend of power and versatility from the equipment tasked with the project. John Deere’s line of utility tractors live up to their name, armed with the power and attachment capabilities to complete virtually any field-related project with ease.



Applying the proper nutrients to the sports turf is critical in keeping it healthy and maintaining that pristine green look. With John Deere’s SelectSpray Series, grounds keepers can chose between two highly reliable pump types. Depending on preference, operators can choose to have a high-pressure diaphragm pump or high-flow centrifugal pump.

Material Handling

Material Handling

It’s very common when working on sports turf for turf debris such as aeration cores, sand, clippings, leaves or thatch to be left behind. Thanks to John Deere’s material handling equipment, these particles can be removed, keeping the turf in immaculate shape.

The complete line of John Deere sports turf equipment are often the forces behind beautifully landscaped golf courses, parks, and ball fields. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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