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How to Prepare Large Round Bales for Livestock Feeding

March 7, 2017

Whether your pasture or rangeland is short on hay for feeding due to limited resources or the cold winter months, you’ll want to make sure you have some large round bales available.

Large Round Bales

While hay bales can be used in a number of different ways, they’re primarily leveraged as a resource for feeding cattle where they can’t graze (barren land or inside stables and barns). To properly handle large round bales, farmers and ranchers should consider investing in a tractor, bale unroller, loader, and bale spear. With these pieces of equipment, handling the bales can be done quickly and efficiently (assuming the proper steps are taken).

Addressing All of Your Hay and Forage Questions – Part 2

August 20, 2014

Last week, we featured part one of a two part series to address all of your hay and forage questions. In part one, we learned some fundamental concepts to help you this harvesting season. Today, we will continue tackling other hay and forage concerns by taking a deeper look into the 9 series round baler. This will surely send you on your way to producing the best possible quality crop this season. Let’s get right into solving your haying dilemmas.

hay and forage

Will the B-Wrap preserve wet corn silage better than NetWrap?

Addressing All of Your Hay and Forage Questions – Part 1

August 13, 2014

There’s a great deal of buzz going around about the 9 series round baler from John Deere. With this chatter, come a lot of unanswered questions. Hay and forage growers have no need to worry though because we are here to answer all of your questions.

hay and forage

We will be providing you with information about all aspects of the 9 series round baler, from front to back, including features, monitor options, hitches, tires, wraps, and more. By addressing questions about the many useful features of the 9 series baler, we hope that you will have a more enjoyable haying experience! Now, lets get to the good stuff.

Get Wrapped Up in the John Deere B-Wrap

August 6, 2014

Who knew that there was a way to get barn-quality hay without actually using the barn? For growers who are rightfully protective over their hay crop, the John Deere B-wrap is the perfect alternative solution to indoor hay storage, shielding from rain, snow and ground moisture. It’s important for growers to understand the purpose and technology behind the B-Wrap, as many benefits can be gained from using it. We are here to answer some of your questions on this new technology.

John Deere B-Wrap

Let’s take a deeper look at how the John Deere B-Wrap technology works to protect your hay bales and see what growers are saying about it.

Image Gallery: 20 Hay Baling Photos to get you Summer-Ready

June 26, 2014

When it comes to the hay baling process, timing is everything and farmers’ schedules are often put in the hands of Mother Nature. The warm, dry months of the summer are often the best time to bale hay, but threats still remain. Untimely rains can ruin an entire field of hay and if it becomes too hot and dry, it could become too brittle. As a result, farmers usually keep an eye on the weather and bale hay in the middle of favorable-conditioned summer days.

John Deere BC11 Bale Carrier

6 John Deere Small Square Baler Features that Lead to Big Performance

June 11, 2014

Efficient haymaking is a critical component of success for many American farmers. In order to realize this success, farmers need the proper hay equipment, conditions, and strategy in place in order to create solid, stackable, and transportable bales every time.

John Deere small square baler with hay

John Deere offers a wide variety of hay balers ranging in size and style, but the John Deere small square baler is ideal for those looking to produce bales to feed a couple of horses, or enough to support their own farm with enough left over to share with the neighbors. While their moniker indicates production may be limited, Deere’s square balers include a number of features that offer up big performance. Let’s take a look at six of these features and how each simplifies the baling process.

Video Gallery: Producing a Perfect Bale with John Deere Hay Equipment

March 13, 2014

From the early moments of spring growth to the final instants of baling, the haymaking season is comprised of a multiple step process. In order to ensure the best bales of hay are produced come year’s end, proper tools, techniques, and equipment need to be put to use throughout the cutting, drying (curing), processing, and storage phases.

We’ve taken some time to put together a gallery which includes seven John Deere hay videos, from equipment to technique, that will lead to better haymaking this year.

John Deere: MoCo CutterBar

Video Gallery: 6 Pieces of John Deere Equipment to Simplify Small Agriculture Processes

January 23, 2014

Large-scale and small-scale agriculture share many similarities, as well as a few differences. While farmers of both have the same goals in mind when it comes to production, the equipment used to get the job done often varies.

We’ve put together a video gallery, featuring six pieces of John Deere agriculture equipment that we believe simplify small agriculture farming processes, enjoy!

John Deere: 5 Series Utility Tractors Video

The John Deere 5 Series Utility Tractors provide high value at a low cost. There are three series ranging from 45-101 HP; the 5D Series for smaller acreage; 5E Series for heavy duty jobs; and 5E Limited Series for more power, traction and comfort.